Martha Stewart Dropped The Perfect Uncooked Pasta Sauce Recipe

Pasta is one of those foods where you don't need a whole lot of ingredients to create a delicious dish. While there certainly are complex pasta dishes, such as multi-layered lasagna loaded up with various sauces, there are also simple yet satisfying dishes like a basic spaghetti pomodoro, loaded with tangy tomatoes, or your preferred noodle in a vibrant pesto sauce. The queen of entertaining herself, Martha Stewart, recently shared an easy recipe on her TikTok account. As an added bonus, the sauce doesn't have to be cooked separately, making it quick to whip up.

The sauce for the pasta dish, which a text block on the video referred to as fettuccine al limone, is a combination of egg yolks, parmesan cheese, heavy cream, and both lemon zest and juice to really amplify those citrus flavors. Stewart walked her followers through how to make the recipe in the less than 1-minute video, and despite the decadent addition of heavy cream, the lemony flavors make it seem like the perfect pasta dish for spring and summer meals where you're looking for those light, fresh flavors.

Some TikTok users couldn't get enough, and the simple video racked up over 13,000 likes and more than 260 comments.

Why you don't need to cook it — and what fans were saying

The concept of tossing hot pasta noodles with a mixture containing egg yolks in order to form a sauce may be something pasta lovers are already familiar with — after all, it's the backbone of a simple pasta carbonara recipe. The heat of the noodles essentially cooks the eggs, as seen in this Bon Appétit recipe. While carbonara has the addition of bacon or pancetta, and this lemony Fettucine one has a few added ingredients such as the heavy cream, the process is somewhat similar.

Many of Stewart's fans took to the comments section simply to hype up the lifestyle entrepreneur, showering her with praise. However, several wrote that they were planning to try out the recipe. One user suggested draining the pasta and, rather than combining it with the sauce in the bowl, returning the pasta to the pan on the burner and adding the egg mixture to cook it, adding, "I'm Italian" as evidence of his expertise. (So for anyone who may be hesitant about the eggs being cooked with just the heat of the noodles, there are tips like this.)

While this fettuccine al limone is a dish that can be enjoyed as is, one could also toss in fresh produce to go with the lemony, cheesy flavors — for example, Martha Stewart has a recipe for a similar dish that incorporates asparagus.