A Steak From Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill Is 'Still Alive,' According To Some Instagram Users

Everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to how long beef needs to be cooked. From blood red to chalky grey, the time spent on the grill greatly changes not just the appearance of a steak but completely alters the taste. While your steak style is a matter of personal choice, some people say there is a wrong and a right way to eat beef. And it seems the consensus is that you should never order your steak well-done

Wolfgang Puck once shared on TikTok that the one food he wouldn't cook as a young chef was a well-done steak, saying that he told them to eat chicken, instead. And he is far from alone. The Takeout suggests that chefs consider it "an abomination." The fact that many steakhouse menus say, "We are not responsible for steaks ordered well-done," speaks volumes. And Gordon Ramsay doesn't eat well-done steak either. He once told a reporter, "Whatever quality of beef it is, it's gone past any form of taste when you've cooked it well-done" (via YouTube). 

While no one is saying you must order your Filet Mignon "blue" or pour the drippings (which aren't blood) from your roast beef over your potatoes, various culinary experts seem to agree that a well-done cut of beef is sacrilege. And yet, on Instagram, some commenters felt a steak from one of Ramsay's restaurants wasn't done well enough.

Americans prefer their steaks well-done

About a quarter of Americans apparently choose to ignore the doneness preferences of top chefs. In a survey conducted by YouGov, respondents proclaimed that their favorite way to eat their steak was well-done, with 24% onboard (23% preferred medium-rare.) This may explain why a recent Instagram post by Gordon Ramsay drew jokes and mockery from some commenters. The video was made for Gordon Ramsay's Bar and Grill and showed a chef plating a mouth-watering steak dish. While one would usually expect an influx of drool emojis and enthusiastic responses, many complained that the meat was far too rare. 

One comment said it was a "rare post" (pun intended). Others replied that the meat was "still alive," and one Instagrammer claimed the cow was "still mooing." These sorts of detractors definitely made up many of the responses. But others approved, and one individual did ask for a steak to be sent to New Zealand. Clearly, that person is a fan of red in their beef. 

If you are guilty of ordering well-done steaks — much to the apparent chagrin of chefs everywhere — perhaps you will find kindred spirits complaining in this post. But for those who have it a tad less cooked, Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck might applaud the choice.