Summer House Star Andrea Denver Had A Birthday Cake By This Popular Brand

While some people might watch "Summer House" for Paige DeSorbo's fashion tips and wonder where they've seen her clothes and where to get them, others may wonder the same about the food. Most recently in the form of a cake featured on Instagram for Andrea Denver's birthday celebration. A photo that shows him posing with the candle-clad, three-layered dessert came with the caption, "Grateful for another year around the sun." What cake did he choose for his day to shine in the sun? Milk Bar was tagged in the photo. 

Denver joins a number of famous faces that have gravitated towards Milk Bar for a sweet treat. Drew Barrymore brought the bakery's founder, Christina Tosi, onto her show for pointers on how to decorate the Milk Bar Store's birthday cakes. A so-called "spy" reportedly told Page Six that Leslie Mann went so far as to cut the line once in a rush to get Milk Bar's soft serve. Chrissy Teigen even made her own take on the famed bakery's birthday cake. And Mariah Carey did a cake collab with Milk Bar for Christmas, which is associated with an extremely famous birthday. In fact, Denver's choice of cake also follows in the footsteps of a fellow "Summer House" star.

Feels like deja food

Eagle-eyed "Summer House" fans might find Andrea Denver's birthday cake familiar, as it happens to be the exact same kind that Amanda Batula celebrated with back in 2020 (via Bravo TV). One could easily imagine celebs celebrating with nothing less than a huge and mind-blowing dessert. A Facebook user said of Denver's cake (which Bravo described as "three-tiered"), "I was expecting some out of this world amazing cake lol."  But user Serena Whitlock commended the choice: "Even us common folk can get that cake from Milk Bar. He has good taste."

What might that choice taste like? While Denver didn't outright describe the dessert, it appears to be none other than Milk Bar's famed Birthday Cake. The company's website says it is based on box-mix funfetti cake, with "three tiers of heavenly rainbow-flecked vanilla birthday cake, layers of creamy frosting & crunchy crumbs, all topped with rainbow sprinkles." And if his Instagram post is any indication, Denver seems all too excited to dig into it, smiling from ear to ear in one photo and gesturing enthusiastically in the next.