McDonald's New Food Deal Is Written In The Stars

It seems like any time one promotional event ends, another begins. This is especially evident in fast food. When was the last time you weren't hearing about a promotion to Buy One, Get One or some sort of brand-new combo meal? Of course, we're not complaining about getting free food and big savings — but the newest deal at McDonald's does have us scratching our heads a bit.

The fast food giant is certainly no stranger to treating its loyal Golden Arches customers with all sorts of elaborate, star-studded promotions. You may recall back in December when the chain offered a Mariah Carey menu, with the famous singer promoting an advent calendar's worth of free food throughout the holiday season. McDonald's has also had everyone from Travis Scott and BTS promote their own "celebrity meals," per Insider, dating as far back as 1990 with the McJordan burger, named after NBA player Michael Jordan (via Mental Floss). And while the chain's latest promotion is also related to stars, they're not the kind you think. This week, McDonald's is preparing to give out free food in honor of one of our celestial neighbors: Mercury.

Mercury retrograde means free McDonald's through the app

According to USA Today, McDonald's is preparing to give out free McChickens and McDoubles to celebrate Mercury going into retrograde this week. What does that mean? According to Farmers' Almanac, it's the term for when a planet or celestial body "appears to go backward," at least from our perspective on Earth. This is because Earth is overtaking Mercury in speed, passing it so quickly that the planet falsely looks like it's moving backward. This roughly three-week phenomenon happens about four times a year.

Unless you're an astrologer, you probably want to hear more about the free sandwiches. For free food, all you need to do is order medium fries on the McDonald's app on May 10 or 11 to redeem a complimentary McChicken or McDouble, which is the chain's way of soothing customers' woes during this famously unlucky (according to some) time of year. Additionally, according to Madam Adam on TikTok, the astrology expert will be doing a live tarot reading on May 10 in collaboration with McDonald's. To have your cards read, you can comment your name and zodiac sign to see what fortune (or misfortune) your future holds. Good or bad outcomes, at least you can get some free Mickey D's.