Padma Lakshmi's Latest Video Has Fans Craving Corndogs

Padma Lakshmi inadvertently experimented with ASMR in her most recent Instagram post, to the delight of her fans. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is the sensation felt in the back of one's head and spine when engaging in activities that involve focused attention (such as watching videos), according to Vox. In recent times, people have used the term, "ASMR," in reference to whispering and other satisfying sounds.

ASMR food videos have been popular for a while now, due to the natural noises that come from people chewing food. Intentional ASMR mukbangs are well-received because they are so thought out and carefully filmed. Though many people listen to mukbangs for the ASMR "tingles," viewers also watch the videos to see all of the different types of tasty food. In her most recent Instagram reel, in which she carefully shows and tells her fans what she is eating — to the point where many of them were virtually salivating in the comments.

Fans went wild for the sound of Padma's corndog's crunch

In the video, Padma Lakshmi says to the camera that she is enjoying a corndog from Two Hands, a company that specializes in Korean-style corndogs — a virally popular snack food according to Bon Appétit. Though the business offers a variety of different spins on the product, the one that Lakshmi is enjoying is the mozzarella corndog. The caption reads, "That crunch!! [clapping hands sign emoji] Lol at Littlehands casually roasting me in the background [Face with Tears of Joy Emoji] #mukbang #asmr."

The second part of the text is in reference to Lakshmi's daughter, Krishna, who can be heard saying, "That was a weird noise," in response to the cookbook author and media personality's clamorous bite. Nonetheless, the sound effects did help get fans excited about corndogs. In the comment section of the video, one user commented, "I have today off and this was a sign to go try one." Another follower of Lakshmi's wrote, "Wow!! My mouth is salivating." Seems like a safe assumption to say that the television personality has inspired her fans to get their hands to try one of these corndogs for themselves.