Duff Goldman's Visit To The Pioneer Woman's Shop Was So Sweet

The city of Pawhuska, Oklahoma enjoyed an extra bit of excitement recently when celebrity baker Duff Goldman stopped by The Pioneer Woman Mercantile for a visit. The restaurant, which also boasts a bakery and a gift shop, is famously owned by The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond.

The "Ace of Taste" host gave the spot a bit of free publicity when he posted a selfie of himself, his wife Johnna, and their young daughter, Josephine, on Instagram. The background of the pic shows a smattering of items for sale in the beloved shop. In the post, he gave a shout-out to Drummond, and said, "We missed you at @pwmercantile today, but I bought a cute flour sifter so not a total loss."

Not surprisingly, it seems that Drummond would have loved a heads up that Goldman, who originally hails from Baltimore, but lives in Los Angeles these days, was in her neck of the woods. "EXCUSE ME, SIR!!! How did I not know you were in town???" she replied, along with several crying emojis. She also beseeched him to come back to stay at her hotel, Pioneer Woman Boarding House, which is billed as, "Ree and Ladd Drummond's "Cowboy Luxury" hotel." No word yet if Goldman is going to take her up on the offer.

Duff Goldman's family couldn't be one bit cuter

Of course, Duff Goldman's young daughter was the star of the photo's comments section, as is getting to be the norm these days. One Instagrammer said, "Duff, your precious Josephine is your Mini Me & your wife is beautiful!" Another person commented that "Josephine is so precious," and multiple people chimed in with variations on the "beautiful family" sentiment. Yet another fan said that the location doesn't matter at all to them, "look at that sweet baby's face! That is who should get our attention!"

Still, other locals were utterly starstruck that they'd missed an opportunity to rub elbows with the celebrity family. One Instagrammer said, "If I had run into Duff at the Merc, I'd pretty much have probably had an out of body experience," to which another fan concurred, "I would have fangirled." Yet another user welcomed him to the Sooner State and said, "This Oklahoman adores you and your family." Here's hoping they'll have another opportunity to see Goldman in real life. It sounds like it's pretty much a given that Drummond will push for a repeat visit, so she can give him the VIP tour.