Duff Goldman's Daughter Already Has Her Dad's Good Taste

The phrase "like father, like daughter" certainly seems to be ringing true for Duff Goldman and his one-year-old daughter, Josephine, whom he and his wife, Johnna, welcomed in January last year. Just like her dad, who began cooking at just four years old, the youngster appears to have taken a serious liking to food at an early age – though honestly, we can't say we're totally surprised. From the moment she was born, Goldman has been filling his only child's head with all things food, writing in her birth announcement on Instagram last year that he "keep[s] telling Josephine about all the wonderful things she's gonna get to try like pizza and candy."

Now that she's a little older, Josephine is getting to try all of the goodies she's been hearing about from her pops. Lucky for fans, the renowned pastry chef has been sharing his child's journey with food on social media, and the most recent installment has fans of the "Ace of Taste" host saying a lot more than "aww." Taking to his Twitter page on Wednesday, Goldman posted a photo of Josephine enjoying a meal of pancakes and blueberries that, by the looks of it, seemed to get her stamp of approval. The kiddo was snapped shoving a handful of food into her mouth while holding not one, but two pancakes in her hand, which, frankly, is an expert strategy.

Fans think Duff Goldman's daughter has the right idea when it comes to pancakes

Duff Goldman's daughter Josephine is shaping up to be a cake fiend just like her dad — and we're not just talking about the elaborate pastry creations he makes on "Buddy vs. Duff." The youngster is also a fan of pancakes, which she apparently scarfs down two at a time. "Why does she need two pancakes at the same time?" the Food Network star asked on Twitter. But while Josephine's pancake-eating method apparently had her father a little confused, his followers were inspired.

"Pancakes always taste better when there's one in each hand! She's adorable!" one person said in response to Goldman's tweet, while another suggested that Josephine wanted to make sure "no one else swipes it before she's done with it first." Both theories are certainly plausible, though chef Eric Greenspan may have offered an even better answer to Goldman's inquiry. "Because she's yours?" the Le Cordon Bleu-grad wrote.

The baker's tweet also caught the attention of actress Patricia Arquette, who seemed to think that Josephine actually wanted a bigger stack of flapjacks. "She needs 4 but she's settling for 2," the "Medium" star quipped, which led Goldman to share an adorable anecdote about his daughter's pancake breakfast. "She literally chewed up a bunch of pancake and then took it out of her mouth so she could take another bite of pancake. It's mystifying," he responded. Keep trailblazing, Josephine.