Meet Phoodle, The Latest Wordle Knockoff Fans Can't Get Enough Of

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Foodies, meet Phoodle, the new online word game, cooked up special, just for you. The freshly baked creation was announced on May 9 by its chef de cuisine, Julie Loria, who is also an art dealer and cookbook author, per Amazon. Phoodle is a five-letter single-word guessing game akin to the now-iconic Wordle, wherein you have six chances to guess a five-letter word. However, in Phoodle, the word is "food-related," according to the instructions on the Phoodle website. The food-related words include anything "from appliances to famous chefs and more." From our limited experience with Phoodle, we've seen it accept "saute," "agave," and "devil," just to give you a sense of how broad the food-related requirement may take you. 

As with Wordle and its myriad variations, each time you guess a word, you'll be shown which letters are in the actual word, which aren't, and which are but are in the wrong order. However, as far as we know, Phoodle is the only game that gives you a fun fact about the correct answer after you finish guessing – even if you guessed wrong. That little chef's hat icon at the top-righthand side of the screen lets you click on the fact later – for future reference.

Although there is no "hard" mode, it's easy to imagine – again, based on our limited experience with it – that no one will miss it. Seriously, Phoodle is challenging. Just ask Martha Stewart

Phoodle has launched, and Martha Stewart is here for it

People who use the internet can't seem to get enough of Wordle and its many unaffiliated offspring, including Dordle, Octordle, Quordle, and "Lewdle" (yes, that one is all about the dirty words, according to TechRadar). So, naturally, the reception for the new-as-of-yesterday food-related five-letter word-guessing game, Phoodle, has been nothing short of fanatical. There is already a daily column devoted to hacking this daily puzzle, via Fortnite Insider, the author of which seems captivated by the game even in spite of some of its minor bugs (for example, the game doesn't keep a record of how you've been doing or how often you've been playing, which is a feature that some people who play Wordle appreciate). And then, of course, there's Martha. 

No sooner had Phoodle launched, than the doyenne of all that is domestic, Martha Stewart, herself, got busy making the rest of us look like amateurs, or, to be fair, in many cases, the amateurs that we actually are. Stewart may well have been the first celebrity chef to post about Phoodle, if not the first celebrity, and she was certainly the first person we observed solving the puzzle in an enviable three guesses. But mark our words, Martha Stewart, we'll be back on our game tomorrow. And Phoodle, consider yourself served – by all the foodies in the house. 

Oh, and if word games aren't your style, you can always try the Wendy's 404 Error page.