How A Starbucks Manager Reportedly Handled A 'Horror Story' Customer

Most Starbucks customers have a favorite order. While for some, this usual order comes straight from the menu with no customizations, for others, however, an order can be so customized that Starbucks might as well name it after the patron. You know, like William E. Lewis Jr., who spent nearly $150 on his extreme Starbucks order.

None of this is to say you can't add some personal touches to your drink, but you should probably keep in mind that Starbucks baristas don't usually have time to count out 24 pumps of syrup for you, nor do they want to.

Unfortunately for employees (and fortunately for us, as we get a good story out of it), these customizing customers are far more frequent than you'd expect. And while extreme customization may be a pesky problem, to make matters worse, some of these patrons behave so poorly when ordering their drinks that managers have to get involved. And as it turns out, you can actually get banned from Starbucks for throwing a temper tantrum. 

Another Starbucks customer gets banned for bad behavior

One Reddit thread tells the tale of a troublesome customer. According to the Starbucks employee who started the thread, one patron repeatedly orders a complicated customization that includes 24 pumps of vanilla syrup, half an inch of heavy cream, and a double blend. And while after frequently ordering this concoction, it's still unrealistic to expect your Starbucks barista to remember your order from the times past.

But it's not just the order that's problematic. The employee also notes that this customer usually returns the Starbucks drink, insisting that it's "wrong" and demanding it is remade. This customer also has a track record of "banging on windows after close, shining high beams into the store at night after not allowing them in, dumping a drink down a partner's shirt, (and) blatant homophobia."

Fortunately, this particular Starbucks location has a new manager who isn't having any of this customer's antics. In a second Reddit thread, the employee says the customer is "to be informed that we are so very sorry that we could not meet their standards, maybe they should find a new store." Sounds about right to us.