Oreo's New Packaging Features An Important Message

According to National Today, Pride Month in the United States runs through the entirety of June and celebrates members of the LGBTQIA+ community and the people who participated in the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Your favorite brands usually celebrate the month with a selection of products that honor Pride, and last year, Kellogg's, Skittles, and Shake Shack rolled out specialty products just in time for the festivities, per Eat This, Not That!

June may still be weeks away, but that hasn't stopped Oreo from rolling out a new product that aims to celebrate. The cookie company shared a Twitter post announcing their new cookie package design with National Pride Month in mind. The company teamed up with PFLAG to create a snack sleeve covered in messages of support from allies and even leaves a blank space where you can even add your own positive message into the mix. Fans have shown their support for the package design and couldn't hold back their excitement on social media.

A cookie that celebrates Pride

Over on Instagram, Oreo concurrently posted the announcement and fans loved the new look. Some noted that they missed the 2021 Pride Oreo cookies, which had rainbow-colored frosting, but one comment summed up the sentiments of followers everywhere — "This packaging is amazing!"

Oreo has already started promoting the product on its website. The brand mentions that while the treat hasn't changed from their classic chocolate and creme form, the cookie is emblazoned with the word "PROUD." This limited edition packaging came about through a collaboration with PFLAG, an LGBTQ+ resource made up of members of the community, their friends and family, and other allies. The organization aims to promote understanding and compassion and has spread to every corner of America. Oreo couldn't ask for a better collaborating organization to promote this mission, and this latest cookie sleeve aims to broaden the conversation of support for the LGBTQIA+ community.