What 'Triple-Washed' Really Means On Salad Packages

Although it might seem straightforward, there's a lot to learn about washing fruits and veggies. For example, while it's easy to wash all your produce at once, you should wait until you plan to eat the food before rinsing it off. This helps ensure the produce stays fresh longer. It's also worth noting that the best way to wash berries is to rinse them in a colander under running water so that they don't get damaged.

While it's good practice to always wash your fruits and vegetables, what about bagged salads and greens? You've probably picked up a package of kale, lettuce, or spinach that has "triple-washed" on the package, and believe it or not, these greens really are washed three times.

According to Allrecipes, the purpose of the first wash is to get rid of any dirt from the produce. The second two washes include sanitizer, so the three washes aren't only with water. Slate explains that although triple-washing doesn't get rid of all bacteria, it's a lot more effective than what someone could do at home, and there are other practices besides washing to ensure that your greens are safe to eat.

Do you need to rinse the triple-washed greens again?

Whether you're making a quick three ingredient dinner on a weeknight or meal prepping with a long list of steps, the last thing you might want to do is take the time to wash and dry your lettuce, kale, spinach, or mixed greens. Thankfully, the greens are safe to eat right out of the package and don't need to be rinsed again.

Since all these leafy greens go through the triple wash process to get rid of any bacteria, it's not necessary to re-wash them. But if you do want to wash them, the Food and Drug Administration recommends keeping the produce away from unclean surfaces or utensils so the greens don't pick up bacteria along the way. Allrecipes also writes that the FDA says to rinse the greens under running water instead of leaving them to soak in the sink.

Now that you know what triple-washed means on salad packages, you need some plans for your greens. Try whipping up this sweet kale salad recipe or chopping up some crispy lettuce for a Cobb salad.