The Unusual Reason Waffle House Customers Cooked Their Own Food

Waffle House customers recently had a DIY experience at their local restaurant. According to a TikTok by @theregobigmc, captioned, "Waffle House outta line," their party was forced to cook their own food when the cook on staff abruptly quit. No reason was given for the sudden departure. The "walkout" claim can't be totally verified, either, as there's no footage of the employee actually quitting. The TikTok does show the alleged former employee "waiting on his ride," as @theregobicmc claims in the comments section.

The TikTok starts off with the claim that "the Waffle House man said he quit and refused to make" the customers' food, so the hungry wannabe patrons headed inside (where there were apparently no additional cook staff) and fired up the griddle on their own because "the show had to go on." No other staffers are seen in the video. Even though the user claims that they "almost burnt the waffles," the end result of eggs, ham, and other Waffle House menu items looks pretty close to the typical dining experience at the chain. Obviously, since they did all the work, the finished product was on the house.

This isn't the first time Waffle House patrons have had to DIY their food

If TikTok is to be believed, this is far from the first time that customers have had to make their own Waffle House fare. One TikToker said, "Waffle House should just rent out the kitchen...ppl always fixing their own food," and another said that "cooking your own food at the Waffle House is a part of the experience!" Maybe this supposed truth is why these particular patrons felt so emboldened as to walk around the kitchen like they owned the place.

Apparently, even Waffle House servers have to take matters into their own hands sometimes: "I can't count how many times me as a server had to make my customers food," claimed one person, to which another user (presumably a former WaHo employee) replied, "Same, and that's why I went on vacation and never came back." To be fair, Waffle House has gotten pretty big for its britches, with 1,900 locations and more than 40,000 employees. It's tough to keep all the people happy, all the time, so maybe the occasional kitchen takeover isn't the worst thing. The TikTokers in question didn't seem to mind one bit.