Below Deck's Controversial Chef Adam Glick Has A New Land-Based Gig

Whether you love him or love to hate him, yacht chef Adam Glick brought an element of irresistible entertainment to Bravo's "Below Deck Mediterranean." He joined the cast of the popular show in Seasons 2 and 3 according to The Daily Dish.

Glick drove the storyline on "Below Deck Mediterranean" as a key player — and villain, according to some — in an infamous love triangle among himself, Malia White, and Wes Walton (via Bravo). He also kept fans watching with his insults and quips, often hurled at Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier, with whom his relationship fluctuated between toxic and, ultimately, amicable. Glick's food had a reputation of its own as delicious but, occasionally, neglectful of the charter guests' preferences. The chef disembarked from his Bravo career after Season 3 of the show but reappeared in the galley on "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" (via Screenrant). After that, he hung up his epaulets for a life on land.

Adam Glick's life on land

Below Deck's contentious chef Adam Glick left the yachting world after a stint of running the galley on the popular show and its spinoff, "Below Deck Sailing Yacht." Now, he's made a name for himself on land — specifically, The Adventure Chef. He has been continuing to cook and has a few other gigs as well.

Glick is currently working on a couple of projects in his role as The Adventure Chef. That brand, according to his website, sends him to prepare gourmet dishes in off-the-grid locations. He also spends his time traveling with his dog and starring in a cooking show called "STOKED" on OutsideTV. When he's not curating an Instagram feed that will make you want to spend your savings on trips to places like Yellowstone National Park, Glick provides surf therapy to kids through the organization A Walk On Water, per his website. He also recently partnered with knife company Messermeister to create a set of his own chef's knives.