How One Man Plans To Revolutionize The Food Truck Industry With Grilled Cheese

Many of us enjoy a bit of excitement and variety in our cuisine. Whether you're getting a shrimp tossed in your mouth at Benihana or savoring a top-shelf cut of meat, a little bit of flair helps to make dining out memorable. Sure, it may be more expensive than the cheap stuff, but you get what you pay for.

There comes a time, however, when enough is enough. No, you don't care that this burger is made with organically raised lettuce leaves washed in triple-purified glacier water and you sure as heck aren't paying $40 dollars for it. No, you're certainly not paying $15 dollars for a food truck taco just because the shell is an "authentic recipe" and the man behind the counter must be delusional for thinking you would. You don't want any bells or whistles, no buzzwords or add-ons — all you want is something hot and cheap to fill your stomach.

Indeed, for most people, there's something about those pretentious and stuffy restaurants and food trucks that make them great fun to joke about. From The Huffington Post ripping on their unpronounceable, silly names and wacky hipster clientele to Redditors sharing stories about their bizarro trips to pompous restaurants, everyone seems to accept those kinds of places as an everyday fact of life. One man, however, has a dream to revolutionize the pretentious food truck scene — and it involves lots of grilled cheese and very little else.

A food truck that sells $1 grilled cheese

In a world of pomp, pretension, and overpriced re-imagined food, one Twitter user by the name of Daniel Danger dares to dream outside of the box. A musician and artist as his profession, Daniel's plan to revitalize the food truck world isn't to sell anything fancy or gourmet — he wants to cut out all the fluff entirely. As Distractify explains, Mr. Danger's plan is to sell $1 dollar grilled cheeses. That's it. No fancy toppings, no tomato slices, no artisan triple-kneaded multigrain bread. He's talking white bread and bulk American cheese, all for one dollar, sold out of a trailer with "$1 GRILLED CHEESE" in bold Impact font.

No, Danger asserts in the thread, you're not getting change. If you hand him $5 dollars, you're getting 5 grilled cheese sandwiches. There'll be no drinks or any other items, just Daniel and as many grilled cheese sandwiches as you can stomach. There will be no painstaking "customer-server" small talk, for that will be drowned out by a boombox. As Mr. Danger eloquently summarized, "My sole interest is utilitarian shame eating at rock bottom prices."

Will the grilled cheese sandwiches be good? For a buck, you're getting a greasy average grilled cheese, so that's up to you if it's a bargain or not. In a time when it seems that snooty cuisine is the norm, sometimes a bit of cheap, stone-cold honesty is just the thing we need.