Seinfeld Now Has Its Own Exclusive Coffee Collection

Ah, "Seinfeld." So many fell in love with this charming, hilarious, and nihilist 90s sitcom, made in a time when the living felt a bit more carefree. It was enough to stay near the TV when "Seinfeld" was on and enjoy the shenanigans of New Yorker friends Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. Luckily, this beloved "show about nothing" (per Seinfeld Scripts) has remained mega-popular, and the streaming giants of the 2020s have all seasons at our disposal to watch it anytime we need a laugh. 

And although the characters from "Seinfeld" didn't drink as much coffee as the characters in other popular 90s shows, such as "Twin Peaks" and "Friends," they certainly enjoyed an occasional cup of coffee in the TV diner called "Monk's Cafe." In Season 7, there's an episode called "The Postponement," in which Kramer burns himself with a hot cup of coffee and later sues the coffee shop, and you might not know that the plot was based on a real lawsuit

In recent years, "Twin Peaks" fans could enjoy a "damn fine cup of coffee" if they'd bought David Lynch's Signature Cup Coffee (via IndieWire), while fans of "Friends" had a chance to try the show's Limited Edition Central Perk Coffee (via People) which was sold on Amazon. And now, "Seinfeld" fans also have a reason to start their day perked up with a cup of the sitcom's coffee. Just don't be a Kramer and burn yourself with it.

Four different blends pay homage to the four Seinfeld characters

According to Food & Wine, "online coffee retailer launched The Seinfeld Coffee Collection." You can buy "four 1.8-ounce bags for $28 or individual 12-ounce bags for $19 or $20." The collection includes four different coffee blends, and each one is inspired by one of the show's main characters. 

You can feel as if you're in Monk's Cafe with Jerry's Diner Blend, a "smooth Brazilian blend with notes of brown sugar, roasted almonds, and chocolate." If you want to be energetic like Kramer, there's Kramer's Giddy Up, an "Ethiopian blend with notes of mango, papaya, and citrus," which will result in a cup of coffee that will surely wake you up in the morning. For those who prefer a more calming blend, there's George's Serenity Now, a reference to the character's famous exclamation. The blend is "dark and toasty with notes of bittersweet chocolate and molasses." And if you like to dance like Elaine, pour yourself a cup of Elaine's Little Kicks, a "spicy and sweet Mexican blend with notes of cocoa and cinnamon." 

This collection is available for preorder, and only for a limited time, so get it while it's hot. Now, the only thing that's missing for the complete Seinfeld coffee drinking experience is Kramer's elusive "The Coffee Table Book" which is all about coffee tables (via YouTube).