These Are The Only States Where Dunkin' Fans Can Try Its New Add-Ins

From its salted caramel cold foam to mocha swirl, Dunkin' has a handful of customization options for those who simply don't want to order their coffee straight off the menu. But just when you think Dunkin' can't offer more — they do. The chain has released three add-ins: Antioxidant, Prebiotic, and Extra Charged (via Elite Daily). And these liquid "Boosters" add exactly the benefit they are each named for. 

The Antioxidant and Prebiotic add-ins are definitely more health-oriented, with the Antioxidant providing customers with Vitamin E and zinc, and the Prebiotic aiding in digestion, thanks to it containing soluble fiber. And though Dunkin' has had beverages in the past that have extra caffeine (cue the Extra Charged Coffee and the Energy Cold Brew), just a pump of the Extra Charged Booster in a drink will give it a 20% extra boost.

Already, customers have comments about the additions to the chain's menu. However, only a select number of those interested in the boosters can actually test them out, as they are only available in four states for now.

Only time will tell how Dunkin's new add-ins will fare

According to Elite Daily, the new Dunkin' boosters can only be found in certain Arizona, California, Connecticut, and Nevada locations. But as stated before, the add-ins have already caught the eye of customers nationwide, some of whom have already taken to the internet with their thoughts.

On Reddit, one user shared a post titled, "My DD is a test location for Extra Charged, Antioxidant, and Prebiotic boosters!" The user then wrote in the comments, "If anyone wants me to describe taste of any please feel free to say so and I'll do a follow up post or comment!"

Though there was definitely some excitement about the products in the comments of the post, as seen in what one user wrote by saying, "I'll take 4 extra charged coffees please," there were also some who were a bit skeptical. Despite the claim that the Boosters are supposed to be flavorless, on the same post one Redditor wrote, "They taste like crap unfortunately I made the mistake of adding the antioxidant to my cold brew and it made it taste like pee like straight ammonia." Alternately, of the Extra Charged booster specifically, one shared "It's flavorless, just a lil extra caffeine."

Only time will tell if the Boosters actually become successful in these Dunkin' test locations and if they will expand to more locations.