Fast Food Hacks Rip Micheals Needs You To Know - Exclusive

Over the years, diners have found their own ways to hack fast food menus. BuzzFeed reports that determined customers have transformed In-N-Out burgers into animal-style grilled cheese sandwiches, ordered KFC Double Downs with an extra mac 'n cheese filling, and discovered a way to turn any Five Guys sandwich into a melt.

On the other hand, some fast food hacks just don't work. The Washington Post notes that McDonald's once tried to publish their own in-house hacks that had the potential to transform their menu items into outlandish creations beyond anyone's imagination. The only problem was that they weren't very good — the hacks generally failed to save shoppers money, and many of them didn't taste particularly memorable.

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, Rip Micheals has pioneered enough top-notch fast food hacks to fill a book. When the comedian and personality isn't hosting his show, HARTBEAT Studios' "Urban Eats & Treats," Micheals is busy developing and trying out some serious menu hacks that can make anyone's meal out that much easier. Micheals sat down with Mashed for an exclusive interview and shared some of the best finds he has discovered over the years.

Rip Micheals revealed his top fast food hacks

It's no secret that Rip Micheals loves Chipotle, so it only makes sense that the comedian has found ways to transform some classic menu items into all-star creations. He particularly loves the chain's sofritas quesadilla, but he found a way to get even more goodness out of the order. "You got to order it mobile style because if you order it mobile, they give you the sour cream, the lettuce, and everything on the side," Micheals told Mashed.

He explained that if you get the item at the restaurant, the workers simply wrap and prepare the quesadilla, but if you get the mobile version, you get three free sides with the item. "Always order mobile," Micheals insisted.

Micheals has hit up Chipotle for years and had another tip for savvy shoppers. "What you do is you get one bowl, put a lot of condiments on it, ask for extra chicken, steak, or whatever you want, and then get the soft shells on the side," he said. Each add-on item only costs a dollar, and he figured out how to essentially make seven tacos out of the pile of ingredients for $12.

His tips don't stop at Chipotle. "If you do go to Subway, they will give you as much lettuce, tomato, and vegetables as you possibly want," Micheals continued. If Micheals wants a massive salad, he orders a sandwich overflowing with the basic vegetables, throws away the bread, and ends up with about five salads' worth of vegetables.

Rip Micheals brings more of his food expertise to "Urban Eats & Treats" on Tubi. Make sure to keep an eye out for the comedian's next special out soon.