The Best Wine Festivals In America

As one of the world's largest wine-producing regions in the world, the United States churns out more than 800 million gallons of wine per year, according to World Population Review. The quality (and quantity) of American wine has increased with time and wine festivals around the country are a great way to sample all that American wine has to offer. They're also an ideal way to get to know the culture of the region. There are often local vendors selling handicrafts, local restaurants and food trucks catering their foods, and of course, there's wine. If you've wanted to get better acquainted with a new city or just make a special trip, food and wine festivals are perfect for doing just that.

Food and wine festivals in the United States run the gamut. So whether you're into the more laid-back picnic-style events or on the hunt for formal galas, there's undoubtedly a food and wine fair for you! We've rounded up some of the best wine festivals in America so you can take your pick and support local wineries all year round!

Maryland Wine Festival

Every September the Maryland Wine Festival descends upon Westminster, Maryland. This two-day affair is an outdoor event that features live acts, local vendors, and plenty of wine! The 2021 event featured more than 20 local wineries, such as the family-run 61 Vineyards, that brought along samples for guests to try.

Instead of holding the event in the balmy heat of midsummer, Maryland Wine Festival invites attendees to the Carroll County Farm Museum for an end-of-summer bash. The historic museum is set on a gorgeous 143-acre property and celebrates farm life stretching back to the 1800s. So what better venue to host an event dedicated to the rigorous farming of vines? Maryland wine is on full display at this event, which features live entertainment and plenty of food vendors to choose from once you've worked up an appetite. Poke bowls, anyone? And if you're still hungry after grabbing a bite to eat, you can stop by the Maryland Cheese Pavillion, which features delicious dairy goods from local producers.

Black Vines

The Black Vines Annual Festival recently held its 11th event in Berkeley, California, where Black musicians and winemakers were brought together for one day to celebrate Black wineries and diverse art. Black Vines states that it's more than just a wine fair. Founder Fern A. Stroud describes it as an opportunity to engage in community fellowship, make industry connections, and curate a space to celebrate African American culture. If you plan to attend the annual festival, prepare to not only taste dynamic wines by Black winemakers, but also enjoy an exciting array of hors d'oeuvres, art, and live music.

Black Vines aims to shine a light on the work of Black winemakers and wineries while also striving to make the wine industry more accessible to traditionally barred groups. The Black Vines community also offers memberships and year-round events, such as exclusive vineyard tours, virtual guided wine tastings, and weekly "Black Wine Wednesdays" at various venues throughout Oakland. So even if you missed the annual festival, there's always an opportunity to get involved throughout the year.

Nantucket Wine & Food Festival

The Nantucket Wine & Food Festival is perfectly timed to kick off the summer in style. The 5-day festival is celebrating its 24th year and is packed with ticketed events like galas, Champagne tastings, Chablis luncheons, a British brunch, and more. Frommer's describes the range of events as both intimate and large-scale, making it perfect for groups with desires for different levels of engagement.

One enthusiastic attendee proclaimed on Facebook that the festival was a "world-class" event in a "perfect" setting. If you've ever wanted to pay a visit to downtown Nantucket, this is the perfect time to take in the historic sights and sample wines from 150 wineries in regions around the world. The festival also supports more than 30 different non-profit organizations, including the Nantucket High School Culinary Arts program which offers mentoring opportunities and scholarships to aspiring chefs. As with most gatherings post-pandemic, the 2022 event will adhere to state and local covid safety protocols, so make sure to read up on how to prepare for the end of May event.

Key West Food & Wine Festival

The words "Key West" and "wine" are probably enough to pique most people's interest — and for good reason! It doesn't get much better than sipping on world-class wines in a beautiful island setting. The four-day festival is made up of a series of events focused on a vast array of culinary and wine delights from around the world. The 2023 lineup hasn't yet been announced, but past events have included an all-white gala with a live opera performance, and a French Revolution masquerade party with the theme "Let Them Eat Cake," according to

This is not your average stuffy wine event. Floridians, and Key-Westers in particular, know how to take advantage of the laid-back lifestyle to put on a fantastic event that's as informative as it is entertaining. If the themed events aren't quite your style, you can at least partake by dining at participating restaurants and enjoying a glass of wine while enjoying an ocean view.

International Pinot Noir Celebration

The ever-popular Pinot Noir is celebrated around the world, renowned in its native Burgundy, France, and beloved in third-ranking producer Germany. As Forbes reports, there are more than 277,000 acres of Pinot Noir planted in the world, with 62,000 acres located in America alone. Oregon, in particular, has gained attention for its offerings, so it makes sense that the region that has fallen head over heels for Pinot Noir would host the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration. Chardonnay lovers, stay home! This is for the Pinot Noir nuts out there and it will not disappoint.

Now in its 35th year, the McMinnville, Oregon-hosted International Pinot Noir Celebration promises a full weekend of thrilling events. The Grand Seminar is a chance to rub elbows with and learn from some of wine's brightest stars. And there are eight different intimate Pinot Noir seminars that each focus on various topics to teach you more about the grape. If wine education isn't your thing, no worries — the event offers tastings of more than 60 Pinot Noirs from all corners of the globe. Hungry attendees will love the wild salmon bake and the sparkling brunch, which features Champagne and sparkling Pinot Noir wines that perfectly complement the food.

Bounty of Yamhill County

Another wine event hosted in the gracious town of McMinnville, Oregon, Bounty of Yamhill County brings together celebrated chefs, local farms, and of course, Oregon wineries hailing from Willamette Valley, the epicenter of the state's top wine-producing region. Guests can expect an exciting 3-day roster of culinary delights. This is an event that's more focused on food, but you'll have no shortage of delicious wines with which to pair.

The event was created as a way to shine a spotlight on the culinary achievements of the region, publicist Sarah Lessen shared with Yamhill County's News-Register. Foodies will not want to miss this event, which features wineries in the area hosting farm-to-table dinners, brunches, picnics, and a salmon bake to close out the event. Vineyard views and stellar food sound like an absolute dream for the food and wine obsessed, and as the Bounty of Yamhill County proves, dreams can indeed come true.

Oregon Wine Experience

By attending the Oregon Wine Experience in Jacksonville, Oregon, not only can you sample high-quality wine at the elegant Stage Pass vineyard, but you will also be helping to support an important cause. Each year, the event donates 100% of the proceeds to charities such as the Asante Children's Miracle Network, a program dedicated to raising money and awareness for pediatric care. 

The 2022 event is the 19th iteration of the festival, set to take place from August 17 to 21. A truly unique experience, the website suggests you might find that you're being poured a taste of wine by the very winemaker who made it! In addition to the wine tastings, there's a wood plank-roasted salmon bake that features a live in-person auction, and other ticketed events. The Oregon Wine Experience is a great way to get a real feel for what makes Oregon wines so great. Beyond just enjoying what the region has to offer, you also have the opportunity to express your gratitude by giving back to the community. All in all, it'll certainly make your trip to Jacksonville, Oregon, unforgettable!

Great Tastes of Pennsylvania Wine & Food Festival

Pennsylvania has a strong tradition of hearty food. As for wine, there are more than 300 wineries that produce more than 2 million gallons of wine per year, according to Pennsylvania Wine. So it comes as no surprise that the 31st Annual Great Tastes of Pennsylvania Wine & Food Festival is set to be a major fest. Though it's only a two-day event, they somehow manage to squeeze plenty of options for what to eat, drink and do into those fun-filled 48 hours. Consider this a party!

Between the more than 30 wineries pouring at the festival, three stages with musical acts, yard games, and a beer tent, this is a straight-up bash for food and wine lovers. You can even join a corn-eating contest or try your hand (er, foot) at stomping on some grapes if you need some more movement. And of course, there are vendors selling everything from hot sauce and cheeses to sandals and Kettle Korn. This event is held in the beautiful Poconos Mountains at Split Rock Resort, which is sure to offer fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Taste of Sonoma

As one of the United State's most respected wine regions, it's no surprise that Sonoma has its own wine festival. Taste of Sonoma is Sonoma Valley's answer to the wine fair. The region is often seen as Napa's younger sibling, but the Taste of Sonoma wine festival shows that Sonoma has nothing to prove.

Tickets include access to more than 60 wines to taste, food trucks, guided seminars, and garden tours. There are also interactive themed lounges where you can grab a photo op in front of decorated backdrops and giant wine bottle props, or simply take a break to rest tired feet. There's also a packed schedule of talks and events that are available as an add-on to your ticket. Want to learn more about sparkling wine? There's an add-on event that's focused exclusively on California sparklers. For those interested in how wines are blended, an educational workshop details exactly how and why certain blends work. Tickets are priced starting at $195 so it's not the most budget-friendly wine fair, but with so many wineries, events, and lounges to check out, it's more than worth the ticket price.

Lodi Grape Festival

While it might not be Napa or Sonoma, Lodi, California has become synonymous with good wine at a great price, and the Lodi Grape Festival is how the community comes together to celebrate just that. The fair took a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic and the effects of wildfires. Though the fires didn't cross into the city's borders, Lodi News reports that the area was impacted by heavy smoke. According to UC Davis, while the vines themselves can usually survive the flames, the heavy smoke can penetrate the thin grape skins and affect the flavor of the wine, a phenomenon known as "smoke taint."

Thankfully, in 2022, the Lodi Grape Festival is ready to celebrate its triumphant comeback, along with its 37th year. The city, which is about 90 minutes east of Napa, is home to the one-day event that features more than 40 wineries pouring their wines. If you happened to miss the date in September when the festival is held, the broader Lodi Grape Festival Event Center holds various beer and wine events throughout the year. 

Wine in the Woods

Although the event is a hit year after year, the name Wine in the Woods doesn't quite tell the full story. Taking place over two days in the Symphony Woods in Columbia, Maryland, the festival's picturesque location also provides some respite from the heat of late May. In addition to wineries, the event has grown to include beer vendors as well and features work by local artisans and a rotating schedule of live music for entertainment. 

Though wine is the primary focus, the food almost outshines the beverage offerings. Imagine digging into apple bourbon pulled pork, jerk chicken, cajun shrimp, kettle corn, taco bowls, and bacon mac and cheese... or at least having the option all under one roof! More than 20 local food vendors come together to offer nearly endless options that are only made better by washing them down with a locally-made beer or wine.

Finger Lakes Wine Festival

Get those campers ready, because the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, New York, is gearing up for another great year. The 2022 celebration in July will be the festival's 25th anniversary. By purchasing one Taster Wristband, guests have access to wine tastings, as well as food vendors, arts and crafts vendors, wine seminars, and live music performances. Visitors can even book camping space to spend the entire weekend on the grounds and have easy access to all of the festivities with no driving necessary. Cabanas are also available for rent during the weekend, offering a little more privacy and style.

According to Marketview Liquor, there are more than 400 Wineries and 1,600 vineyards in the state of New York. The Fingerlakes Wine Festival rounds up more than 90 of them all in one place for convenient tasting. So if you've been curious as to what New York wine is all about, Finger Lakes Wine Festival is a great chance to explore!

Triangle Wine & Food Experience

As a benefit event, North Carolina's Triangle Wine & Food Experience dedicates all proceeds to the Franke Lemmon School & Development Center. The annual event is held in Raleigh every first weekend in February. Over three days, guests can partake in festivities throughout the city and meet winemakers and chefs from all around the world!

Both in-person and online events are offered throughout the weekend to help drum up additional interest and donations. Not only can you dine at local participating restaurants, but you can taste wine at various wine shops in the region or attend the live Grand Auction, the festival's culminating event. In addition to chef-curated dinners at local restaurants, the 2022 TWFE has also arranged intimate "Home is Where the Wine Is" dinners hosted by famous chefs set in seven private residences. The Triangle Wine & Food Experience is an absolute must for philanthropic wine lovers in the Raleigh area seeking a wholly unique experience.