How A Texas Mom Found Herself With Nearly Three Dozen McDonald's Hamburgers

Imagine being a McDonald's worker. You're having an average, run-of-the-mill shift. It's the kind of day where you're just dealing with customers and filling fry containers, the kind of day where the only exciting thing that happened so far was someone spilling their McFlurry on the floor. That is, until you and your co-workers start noticing someone's putting in an order for a lot of burgers — and quite a lot of burgers at that. Indeed, someone has put in an order for 31 cheeseburgers, all for one person. Just who is this person with a mammoth appetite for McDonald's? The cheeseburger-loving culprit was none other than Ricardo, Texas, resident Barrett Golden, which is all the more impressive considering Barrett is only 2 years old.

According to KRIS TV, Kelsey Golden was at home when a DoorDash driver appeared at her door, carrying an enormous bundle of cheeseburgers. Kelsey was confused, unable to remember ever placing an order for such a large meal, let alone an order for McDonald's at all. That is, until she realized Barrett had somehow managed to unlock her phone and, perhaps misunderstanding (or understanding all too well, depending on how you look at it) how DoorDash worked, placed an order for his beloved burgers.

The whole order came out to over 91 dollars

As Kelsey tells CBS 8, she had seen her son playing with her phone, but assumed he was playing around with the camera function. Instead, the toddler had somehow managed to navigate his way onto the DoorDash app and had placed an order for 31 cheeseburgers, a total that came out to be $61.58. But, feeling generous, Barrett graciously tipped the delivery driver 16 dollars to bring the total up around 91 dollars and 70 cents.

As if being stuck with 31 cheeseburgers wasn't enough, Kelsey claims that Barrett only had half of a burger before getting tired of them, leaving Kelsey in a pretty awkward situation (via KRIS TV). To ensure the burgers didn't go to waste, the mother posted about the cheeseburgers on Facebook, saying that they were up for grabs if anyone wants them. At the end, Kelsey found humor in the situation, joking that it would be a funny story later on in the future.

This isn't the first time a young kid was able to satisfy a fast food craving without their guardian's knowledge. A four-year-old boy back in April managed to use his grandmother's phone to order Starbucks off of UberEats, an order that cost an impressive $230 dollars (via MSN).