What Does Your Water Bottle Really Say About Your Personality?

With more than 60 million plastic water bottles being thrown out by Americans each day, according to Healthy Human Life, it's more important than ever to invest in a reusable water bottle.

Not only do reusable water bottles decrease the amount of plastic in the ocean and in landfills but their production also requires less oil and is more cost-effective (via Biofriendly Planet). If you need another reason to stop buying bottled water, consider this: You can personalize reusable water bottles in ways you never could with a disposable water bottle.

Yes, customized water bottles may seem silly, but they work. Having a fun water bottle encourages you to drink however much water you should actually be drinking, reduces waste, and allows your personality to shine through. Water bottles can definitely be a fashion accessory, and if that's what it takes to clean up our bodies and the planet, what's the harm? 

Your water bottle says more about you than you might think

When it comes to reusable water bottles, there are many choices to choose from. Some of the most popular bottle brands include Nalgene, Hydro Flask, and Yeti, but there's truly a brand for everyone (via The Strategist).

If you spend time on social media, chances are you've seen influencers with sticker-covered Hydro Flasks or gallon-sized bottles labeled with hourly encouragement. The point is that there's a water bottle out there for every kind of lifestyle. Some are more durable, some keep your drink hot or cold all day, some come in a million colors, and some allow you to switch out their lids for differing drinking styles (straw versus no straw) or colors. The best water bottles combine these features and your own customizations.

In fact, Eater goes so far as to say that the ability to customize a bottle to express ourselves "has played a huge role in the massive success of ... insulated cup brands." And given that brands like Hydro Flask allow you to customize your bottle's size, cap, strap, and color, while other companies sell custom stickers, your water bottle can end up being an extension of your personality. We're here for it.