Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Returning Ube Pancake Mix

Trader Joe's shoppers were in for a surprise earlier this year when the grocery chain introduced a new item to its popular Ube-flavored product lineup: Ube-Covered Pretzels. Word of the new snack quickly got around the TJ's fandom after it was released in late April, and, at a number of stores, shelves that were formerly stocked to the brim with bags of the crave-worthy treats were barren within a matter of days. "I got them last Saturday. [There] were plenty to choose from. I went back to get some today (Saturday) and I couldn't find them," one Redditor shared of their experience trying to track down the coveted treat shortly after its debut.

After getting their first brief taste of the Filipino purple sweet potato from Trader Joe's (or, at least, trying to get it), many TJ's loyalists began questioning whether or not they'd see the return of some other fan-favorite Ube products in 2022, such as the chain's Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix that first hit shelves in 2020. "I'm just waiting for the ube pancake mix to come back," Reddit user u/Jazzlike_Log_709 commented on a thread about the Ube-Covered Pretzels last month.

Now we can confirm that our Reddit friend's wait is finally over. The grocer's beloved purple pancake mix has officially been spotted in stores by many shoppers, including Instagrammer @traderjoeslist, whose recent post alerting followers of its return has many TJ's shoppers practically freaking out.

Trader Joe's experts have two words for shoppers: 'stock up'

Trader Joe's fan @traderjoeslist sent the internet into a tizzy this week after announcing that the grocer's ube-r popular Ube pancake mix has made its long-awaited return. "IT'S BACK UBE MOCHI PANCAKE & WAFFLE MIX," they wrote in anĀ Instagram post on Thursday, May 19 that has amassed over 11,000 likes. It also included a trio of photos of the instore-display of the gluten-free boxed mix, which the Trader Joe's website says is being sold for $3.99 a pack and requires just water, eggs, and oil or butter to be transformed into a delectable morning meal.

For those unfamiliar with the taste of ube, @traderjoeslist described it as having "a similar flavor to vanilla, white chocolate but a bit more nutty somewhat like pistachio." It has become incredibly popular in recent years amongst Trader Joe's shoppers, many of whom took to the comments section to express their excitement for the Ube pancake mix's return. "Omggg yesss the best product they sell," user @zcmiller wrote. "Not a want again but a need," quipped another fan.

Many praised the grocer for limiting the number of boxes customers can purchase, which @traderjoeslist said was 2 per person, though it can vary by store. Meanwhile, others advised those vying to get their hands on the limited-time buy to "stock up" when they can. Considering how quickly the Ube-Covered Pretzels flew off the shelves, listening to these TJ experts may be wise.