The Sweet Reason Giada De Laurentiis Treated Her Daughter To A Crepe

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Anyone who follows chef Giada De Laurentiis on social media probably feels entitled to at least a fraction of co-parenting rights over her daughter, Jade. De Laurentiis doesn't seem to mind sharing the spotlight with her teenager, which means that Jade often cameos on TikToks, pops into Instagram posts, and even does the occasional secret takeover, like one Instagram post in which she made a righteous mac n' cheese for mom in celebration of Mother's Day. Jade has the star power (and, apparently, cooking chops) of her mother, with a youthful enthusiasm that is all her own, and it's impossible to follow De Laurentiis without feeling completely endeared to Jade, too.

So when De Laurentiis decided to finally treat her daughter to the Nutella crepe that Jade apparently "always" asks for (via Instagram), fans rejoiced and maternal instincts everywhere were satiated. Nutella, a hazelnut spread that, according to its website, was borne of a post-WWII scarcity of cocoa powder in the Piedmont region of Italy by mixing just a little of the stuff with a bunch of hazelnuts (and plenty of sugar), inventor Ferrero had the predecessor of today's Nutella on his hands (and probably the roof of his mouth, too). 

By the time the spread was officially branded as Nutella and released in 1964, nut butter lovers had unabashedly embraced the spread. And as an Italian American, De Laurentiis told Fox News long ago that the hazelnut treat has always held a particularly special place in her heart.

Giada De Laurentiis and Jade are nuts for Nutella

We know that Giada De Laurentiis, the host of "Everyday Italian," and her daughter Jade love Nutella, but what made mom relent this time and treat Jade to an after-school crepe? The reason is even sweeter than the snack. "She was chosen to speak at her 8th-grade graduation today," De Laurentiis captioned her Instagram post. "So a crepe was definitely in order! Soo proud of you Jadey!" The photo of mother and daughter eating a Nutella-and-strawberry crepe together side by side is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts into a gooey, hazelnutty mess.

Even with last year's release of her healthier habits cookbook, "Eat Better, Feel Better," De Laurentiis obviously hasn't shunned sweets completely. As she told Fox News, growing up in Italy and America  — De Laurentiis moved to the States when she was 7 years old — Nutella was a staple in her childhood diet, and apparently the confectionary cornerstone of Italian sweet stuff has been passed along to De Laurentiis' daughter, too. 

"Jade always asks to get a Nutella crepe on the way home from school and I don't always say yes," the chef admitted in her Instagram post, which was hashtagged "#mommymoments." Obviously, Jade's academic achievement was enough to make mom change her tune, and judging by the hundreds of likes and happy comments, De Laurentiis has the internet's approval for her parenting decision.