The Unexpected Food TikToker Ashley Yi Can't Live Without - Exclusive

Everyone has that one food — it's the one that you can't live without no matter how hard you try. If sweets or carbs immediately come to mind, you're not alone. According to Healthline, 97% of women and 68% of men experience a form of cravings for a specific taste. With TikTok recipes now taking the world by storm, users can find a variety of ways to make their favorite snacks or meals when those cravings hit. Ashley Yi, an influencer presently with 3.2 million followers and over 155 million likes on TikTok, has her own particular go-to food — although it's not what you'd expect.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Ashley explained her experience behind being a Korean American influencer throughout AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month and revealed how she goes about showcasing small food businesses in her videos. Yi continued to talk about food habits, sharing that her favorite snack is kimchi – a traditional Korean side dish that consists of fermented vegetables — with seaweed and rice. But the food she absolutely can't live without may surprise you.

Ashley can't get enough of beef

Ashley Yi described herself as a "carnivore" when explaining her love for beef. She told Mashed, "I love meat. I'm going to have to say meat. I want it in every single meal, and I know I'm supposed to eat more vegetables, but I love meat." Steak, to be more specific, is one of Ashley's favorites. She continued, "If it's made well, then I love chicken, but beef, something about it ... When I eat it, [it] makes me feel alive."

There are so many ways to serve meat, which, as Ashley explained, is why she enjoys it so much. She has no shortage of love for the food, whether it's prepared as Korean short ribs, in soups, birria, or hamburgers. Based on her explanation, can you guess which fast food restaurant is the TikToker's go-to? If you thought In-N-Out, you'd be correct. Her favorite order includes a "double-double, animal-style, grilled, whole grilled onions, chopped chilis" along with extra crispy fries and a Sprite. Next time you send out invites to your summer barbecue, make sure to add Ashley to the guest list.

Check out Ashley Yi's TikTok page to follow up on her latest videos and projects and TikTok's press release for AAPI month.