Why Heinz Wants To Celebrate The 'Art Of The Burger' — And Give You $25,000

It's almost that time of year again: National Burger Day. Yes, May 28 has been designated as the day on which America pays homage to everyone's favorite ground beef concoction. In honor of this beloved meat patty stuck between two buns, here are a few surprising facts that truly highlight the country's infatuation with the hamburger. 

Americans eat a lot of burgers, but you likely weren't aware of exactly how many they consume. According to PBS, citizens of the USA eat roughly three of these hot sandwiches per week for a total of 50 billion per annum. USA Today reports that McDonald's sells 75 burgers every second. (Blink, there's another 75 served.) It's a mind-boggling figure that adds up to more than 6.4 million doled out every single day. Where else do burger fans get their fix? IBISWorld contends that the U.S. boasts roughly 84,167 burger joints. 

Whether you favor the Big Mac, a square-shaped option from Wendy's, or a homemade burger fired up on your grill, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the mouth-watering hamburger — and Heinz has created one more to add to the lengthy list: Designing a burger masterpiece before mid-July could win you prizes. 

Your burger artistry could make you $25,000 richer

You read that right. Heinz's "The Art of the Burger" contest is returning, giving home cooks, backyard grillers, and "MasterChef" wannabes the chance to showcase their hamburger chops for a cash prize. The company's website invites participants to create a burger masterpiece that showcases Heinz sauces and draws inspiration from at least one theme: "Classical, Maximal, Minimal, Sculptural, and Experimental." Simply take a photo that would look dashing in a foodie magazine, register on the ketchup brand's site, and share your pictorial magnificence on the contest webpage or social media using #HeinzArtBurger. 

If you're eagerly waiting to hear what you could win, a press release specifies that the creator of the first-place burger will walk away with $25,000 — and see their dish served at the BurgerFi chain this fall. But, wait! There's more. Chew Boom adds that 50 other individuals will win official Heinz merchandise. The contest is open now and continues through July 12. If you've got your eye on the prize, grab your palette and squirt those condiments: You've got cheese to grate, mushrooms to fry, and a whole lot of innovating to do. At the very least, you'll get to eat all those "practice burgers."