Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its New Gluten-Free Popcorn Mix

We have no data on this, but we have a feeling Trader Joe's might be one of the toughest grocery stores to visit and actually stick to your list, because the store always has new products to try. As @traderjoeslist reveals on Instagram, the latest addition to the TJ's savory snack roster is Hula Cruncha Popcorn & Rice Cracker Mix, which is gluten-free and likely inspired by "Hurricane Popcorn" from Hawaii. The Hawaiian Hurricane Company first served the unique mix of popcorn with "seasoned seaweeds, mochi crunch, and savory cheeses" back in 1991 in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

The umami-packed snack quickly became a hit across the island, and now Trader Joe's has created its own gluten-free version. The original Hurricane popcorn contains soy sauce, so Trader Joe's has substituted tamari. Trader Joe's aficionado @traderjoeslist describes the flavor as "quite vinegary, a bit tangy, and savory," and the comments of their Instagram post are filled with excited TJ's shoppers.

Hula Cruncha Popcorn & Rice Cracker Mix is packed with umami

Trader Joe's shoppers tend to have that Christmas morning excitement whenever a new product is released, and their reaction to Hula Cruncha Popcorn & Rice Cracker Mix hitting the shelves is no exception. @tradersjoeslist was one of the first accounts to post on Instagram about this new snack, and fans are definitely intrigued. "I love a tasty snack that's tree nut and peanut free," commented one user. "I had an entire bag tonight. SO GOOD," said another TJ's fan. The only complaint from @traderjoeslist was that the rice crackers all sink to the bottom of the bag, so they recommend opening the bag upside down.

The rice crackers that Trader Joe's includes in the snack mix are called "kakimochi arare" or "mochi crunch" and are flavored with soy sauce (or in TJ's case, tamari) and sometimes wrapped in seaweed, per Hawaiian Culture Stories. Apparently the rice crackers are very important to the snack — "Main thing the kakimochi is on point," one Instagrammer commented. A couple other users commented that the snack is easy to make at home, but if you don't have easy access to an Asian grocery store to find the ingredients, the TJ's mix may suffice.