Church's Latest Limited-Time Offerings Are Just Peachy

Founded in the Lone Star State, Church's Chicken has been around since 1952, and the franchise has definitely carved out a soft spot in the heart of Texans when it comes to this brand's fast food fried chicken and biscuits, per My San Antonio. Of course, in the chain's infancy, you could get two pieces of chicken for just 49 cents. But fast-forward a few decades and this fried chicken is still being gobbled up. Some might argue that it ranks among the best fast food chicken chains. "Cougar Town" producer Kevin Biegel tweeted his own ranking and placed Church's Chicken above Bojangles, Chick-fil-A, and other big names in the businesses.

But there's more to Church's than fried chicken. Any sweet tooth worth its salt might say that no Southern-style meal would be complete without dessert, and this eatery also offers treats like apple pie and honey butter biscuits (via the Church's Chicken website). Now, it seems the sugar bug may have bitten the chicken chain once more. Per Brand Eating, some peachy offerings are making their appearance on the menu just in time for summer. These items are also ripe for peach season, which, according to Lane Southern Orchards, can start as early as April and end around October. Here's what you need to know.

Church's Chicken is offering peach cobbler and peach tea

One of the items may be familiar to Church's Chicken fans. According to Brand Eating, the chain is bringing back its peach cobbler as a summer item. Per Chew Boom, Church's Chicken first started serving up peach cobbler in May 2019. Clocking in at 370 calories, according to the Church's Chicken website, the treat features a Honey-Butter Biscuit and layers of "sliced, spiced, and warm peach cobbler filling." This sweet and fruity option will set customers back about $2.79, but as Brand Eating notes, prices could vary based on location.

Additionally, the fast food chain is hoping fans will wet their whistles with some fruity beverages. In keeping with the peach theme, Church's is offering Peach Perfect Tea along with Peach Perfect Lemonade. However, all three menu items will only be around for a limited time. We don't know exactly how long Church's peach season will last, but the summer always feels like it's over in the wink of an eye.