The Waffle House Hack Reddit Can't Stop Talking About

Waffles are comfort food. As National Geographic describes it, comfort food is the type of food that's easy to eat, has tons of calories, is high on carbs, and takes foodies back to their childhood memories, like having breakfast in pajamas on a lazy Sunday morning. This is probably why many feel at home when they visit the classic diner, Waffle House, a place with a simple menu, homey flavors, and authentically American favorites like hashbrowns and yes, waffles. This could be the exact reason one Redditor commented in the subreddit r/FoodPorn that Waffles House is "The best" and tastes "absolutely home."

Imagine how wonderful it would be if the waffle tasted even more like childhood — if that's possible. When it comes to its toppings and add-ons, like whipped cream and chocolate chips, we think this notion is entirely possible. In fact, 25% of people think chocolate chip waffles is the best breakfast dish that Waffle House offers.

Go beyond! Another Redditor recently shared the meal he had at his local Waffle House, with the special ingredient the kitchen added to make it look crunchy and quite colorful. It not only looks mouth-watering, but it may invoke a bit of nostalgia as well. The reason? An evocative topping. 

Waffle House's Fruity Pebbles Waffles probably tastes like childhood

According to the Reddit post, Waffle House prepared a Fruity Pebbles waffle dish. From the picture, you could sense the waffle has a fruity, sugary taste, and crispiness that characterized the cereal so much. Users reacted and couldn't stop talking about how good it looked. One said that "cereal waffles are so hot right now," and another wrote that's the waffle they needed in their life, along with crying (from happiness) emojis. Breakfast cereal is food that wakes up the inner child, as reported in The New York Times, and Fruity Pebbles are part of that nostalgic list as it arrived on the shelves in 1971.

The post has since been removed for unknown reasons, but Redditors were praising the dish, some even recalling a similar breakfast they had at home when they were kids. "The plates gave me a twinge of nostalgia," wrote a user, and another user remembered a Cap'n Crunch French toast their mom used to prepare.

So, waffles? Comforting. Fruity Pebbles? Nostalgic. Fruity Pebbles Waffle? A win for Waffle House. If you don't have a Waffle House nearby, Fruity Pebbles fans need to know about this syrup, which might help if you're in the mood for a sweet and fruity breakfast dish.