Reddit Is Mesmerized By A Collection Of Tarts That Look Like A Famous Painting

Smell and taste aren't the only senses that draw us to a particular food. Some dishes just look delicious and lure us in with their aesthetics. "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern phrases it best in the show's intro, stating simply, "If it looks good, eat it."

As explained by Science Daily, science corroborates that visuals are one component of dining–it's why chefs at upscale restaurants work so hard on plate presentation. It also helps explain why Instagramming our meals and sharing photos and videos of our culinary experiences on social media have become so popular.

Some creative types may even take their combined passions for baking and artistry one step further and craft an edible art project. One talented Redditor on the r/Baking forum who goes by the user name inspiredtotaste recently posted a video of themselves making a collection of tarts that resembles a famous painting. The reaction was near-unanimous awe and respect for the amount of time and meticulous attention to detail that the undertaking required.

Making art of tarts

The Reddit tarts are arranged in different frames to recreate the iconic 1893 painting "The Scream" by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, a celebrated work often interpreted as a symbol of anxiety and alienation. U/inspiredtotaste's food rendition of Munch's masterpiece consisted of chocolate pate sablée crusts filled with jalapeno-infused ganaches of chocolate, mango, strawberry, and blueberry, and had users shouting their praise. "I scream for your scream," said u/Yamini1976. "Love your vision and execution."

Another Redditor offered a little clever wordplay based on the artist who inspired the endeavor, rhetorically inquiring whether inspiredtotaste had the "munchies" when making the dessert. U/muklan alluded to the notorious theft of "The Scream" from an Oslo Museum, jokingly proclaiming, "Yo, I'd steal this from a Norwegian art museum in 1994, if you know what I mean."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, inspiredtotaste revealed that they are a former art director and enjoy incorporating this knowledge and background into their creative culinary pursuits. Her talent didn't go unnoticed. U/ebeckstr raved, "You deserve all the praise coming your way, truly. I think I speak for all of Norway when I say what a stunning piece of delicious art this is! I'm sure Munch himself would agree."

Munch may not have lived long enough to see his art converted into tart form, but it does stand as a testament to his painting's permanence and universal appeal that it continues to find relevance in pop culture, now as one of the absolute best desserts.