The Big Way That Costco Shoppers Say Their Pretzel Crisps Taste Different

There are a lot of reasons why people shop at Costco, but usually, it's the store's really low prices that draw customers in. But just because the prices are low doesn't mean that you'll end up saving. Sometimes it seems like Costco tricks you into spending more money each time you set foot in the store, thanks to its deliciously diverse array of snack foods. Pretzel lovers will find lots to load their carts with at the discount retailer, from Auntie Anne's soft pretzel bites to the Snack Factory's Pretzel Crisps.

However, according to some Costco shoppers on Reddit, the latter snack has been a little inconsistent lately. In a post on the Costco subreddit, one user shared a photo of a few Pretzel Crisps, each coated with thick crystals of salt. "Are the Pretzel Crisps supposed to be so salty?" they asked. "Wondering if it's a defect or if my tastes have just changed," they continued. Other members of the subreddit were quick to jump in with their feedback.

The level of saltiness has allegedly been inconsistent

The Reddit post generated 59 comments, and more than a dozen people agreed that the Pretzel Crisps at Costco have tasted over-salted. "So I noticed that the Costco version of these tend to be far saltier than smaller bags at other grocers," shared one user who also confided, "One of my kids loves these but refuses to eat the bag I got from Costco because they are too salty." Another person replied, "I'm a salt freak, and even I have to admit the bag I recently purchased is excessively salty."

According to the Pretzel Crisps website, each serving of the original flavor contains 270 milligrams of sodium or 12% of the recommended daily intake. That's actually relatively low compared to some other familiar pretzel brands, like Rold Gold, whose Original Tiny Twists contain 450 mg of sodium per serving (via Frito Lay). It's worth noting that the picture on the Pretzel Crisps packaging seems to show less salt on each crisp than the original poster's photo. 

However, not everyone on the subreddit agreed that Costco's Pretzel Crisps are saltier than those bought elsewhere. "Funny, I have had the opposite experience, and I love it," shared one user. "I hate them when they're too salty."