The Beautiful Way Geoffrey Zakarian Celebrated The Start Of Peach Season

Is there anything better than eating a ripe, juicy peach when it's in season? According to Lane Southern Orchards, peach season is generally thought to happen during the summer, but it's actually anywhere between April and October, depending on the climate conditions. The Southern U.S. and the state of Georgia, in particular, are very well known for the commercial production of delicious peaches, still, more notable states produce peaches, too, such as California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

And peach fans certainly know how to look for ripe peaches — they have wrinkles around the stems, a deep golden color, sweet aroma, and they're soft to the touch. If you need those peaches to ripen faster, here's a simple trick that can help. One noteworthy fan of peaches is Geoffrey Zakarian, celebrity chef, TV personality, and longtime judge on Food Network's "Chopped." Zakarian knows that the peach season is in its first stage, and he has found a beautiful way to celebrate its start by making a totally delicious-looking dessert that you'll probably want to make in your own kitchen.

The tart Geoffrey Zakarian posted to Instagram has fans drooling

In an Instagram post, chef Zakarian wanted to celebrate the start of the peach season by posting a picture and recipe for his gluten-free tart filled with fresh fruit — peaches, apricots, and blueberries all got a chance to star in the chef's dish. First, he made the crostata dough, which usually consists of flour, butter, sugar, salt, and water (per MyRecipes). In this version, however, the filling is made by slicing the fruit and mixing it with gluten-free flour, cinnamon, sugar, and lemon zest.  

Fans are ready to tackle this recipe with comments including "Recipe please!!!" and multiple statements of "Yum." Some are thrilled to see a gluten-free recipe, with one stating "Always glad to see GF ideas." And one fruit lover shared their own take on the tart, stating, "I did this it was amazing. I did peaches, nectarines, blackberry, and Raspberry it was the bestest."

Zakarian details the recipe instructions right in the caption of the post and recommends serving the tart on its own so you can really taste the fruit at its peak. He says that it can also be accompanied by a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream. And with such an appetizing photo attached to the recipe, aren't you buzzing to make one as well? Just make sure to sprinkle some sugar on top.