Costco Fans Are On The Hunt For Its Birthday-Themed Pretzels

Costco is famously known as your one-stop shopping destination for well, practically anything and everything. Seriously. Need a home sauna? Costco's got one. How about a giant vault? The warehouse chain has one of those, too. Ready to propose to the love of your life? Hit up Costco for the engagement ring. Of course, the store is also a great shopping destination for more everyday items, such as groceries — we see you, incredibly popular and affordably priced Costco rotisserie chicken — and bulk personal care products, and even gas for your car.

Some grocery items at Costco have become so popular that they've developed cult followings. Take Kirkland-brand bacon, for example, which scored big on a Consumer Reports bacon taste test, or organic maple syrup, which is 100% real maple syrup hailing from Canada that Yahoo! Finance says you won't find for a lower price at any other retailer. Recently, Costco shoppers have taken to social media with another product that has fans scouring the shelves.

Shoppers are flocking to Costco to buy these birthday cake pretzels

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain took to the platform to share their latest Costco find: birthday cake yogurt flavored pretzels with sprinkles. The pretzels, which come in festive blue packaging with colorful polka dots, are made by Creative Snacks Co., which says its pretzels are "an unforgettable snack that is rich, creamy, sweet, and salty." @costco_doesitagain noted that the 1-pound, 10 ounce package of the pretzels cost $7.99 at their Costco.

As of this writing, the post has garnered over 7,000 likes and comments from Costco fans oohing and aahing over the pretzel product, with many vowing to hunt them down in their own local stores. User @sfosho10 tagged friend @fo.shaina, pleading, "find me theseeeeeee," to which @sfosho10 replied, "ooh I'll keep my eye out for em!" @carolineshelby tagged two friends and commented, "a new Costco quest!!!" As for @sarahmmiller7, Thursday must be a very special day for them and their pals, as they wrote, "This seems like a must try for a Thursday snack day situation!!"