Pinkberry's Latest Creations Are Erupting With Summer Flavors

The summer solstice is still a month away, but late spring has a way of giving us plenty of lead time for the sunny season to come. Most parts of the country are already seeing glossy green leaves where cherry and dogwood blossoms have run their course, and they're providing shade for passersby as they face the annual realization of what their toes look like in sandals. On the flip side, those who have yet to stow away their coats for the summer may have a beach-adjacent vacation percolating. 

Whatever the case, one of the best ways to prepare for the most beloved three months in the Northern Hemisphere is with seasonally appropriate treats. For some, that could mean a platter of kebabs off the grill, or perhaps a spread of cooling picnic standbys like pasta salad. When the dessert bell tolls, however, the word "frozen" invariably reigns supreme. In accordance, the Scottsdale-based frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry has announced a new flavor that turns a popular frozen adult beverage into a tropical dessert for all — one that's preferably enjoyed al fresco.

'Lava Swirl' is inspired by strawberry piña coladas

Pinkberry's latest offerings lean on a new flavor they're calling Lava Swirl: A blend of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut that the chain claims is "reminiscent of a beachside vacation" in a certain tropical state known for its volcanos, per a May 27 news release. Think of a strawberry piña colada in the form of an alcohol-free dessert. 

As with all of Pinkberry's seasonal flavors, customers can enjoy Lava Swirl in three ways: As a stand-alone flavor (which customers can either leave plain or customize with toppings of their choice), a smoothie, or a pre-imagined combo, which in this case tops the base with pineapple, coconut shavings, strawberry purée, and whipped cream. "It's the perfect way to stay cool on a warm day," said a rep from Pinkberry's parent brand. Just like the window in which to book your summer vacation, Lava Swirl will only be available for a limited time.