The Trailer For Netflix's Iron Chef Reboot Is Finally Here And Fans Have Thoughts

"Iron Chef America" is a legendary show in the food world. Based on a Japanese show of a similar name, it centered around "world-class chefs" competing against other chefs from across the United States, the catch being they need to include one key ingredient per episode. Not only were Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and other big name chefs a big pull for viewers, but the intense competition, delicious-looking dishes, and possibility of an Iron Chef losing to a lesser-known chef were all equally big draws for viewers. However, like on most other shows, the cameras don't show you everything on "Iron Chef."

While you can still watch seasons of "Iron Chef America" online, the show officially stopped filming new episodes in 2018. In the few years since, a public outcry has grown within the cooking community. In 2021, merely three years after it stopped airing, a Reddit thread called for "Iron Chef America's" swift return. And now, despite Food Network shutting the show down, Netflix has decided to give the people what they want. Alton Brown recently shared a trailer for one of the food TV fandom's favorite competitions, noting that it will be back on viewers' screens sooner than they may realize.

Here comes the Iron Chef encore

A trailer for the new series, "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend," has some familiar faces, including OG host Alton Brown, and an impressive lineup of chefs. In fact, Ming Tsai, Marcus Samuelsson, Gabriela Cámara, Curtis Stone, and Dominique Crenn pave the way as this series' Iron Chefs, proving in each of the series' eight episodes why they've been given such a prestigious title. With a new name and group of chefs, "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" promises to provide the same excitement and drool-worthy entertainment as "Iron Chef America."

Most fans seem to be over the moon about the news and even more "hyped" after watching the trailer, with many noting the welcome addition and return of another cooking competition show. Others were more specific in their praise, and while some mentioned that "nothing beats the OG", pointing out the lack of previous Iron Chefs in favor of newbies, others gushed how much they "loved watching this" in the past, stating that they are "so happy this show is back." 

Others remarked that they've essentially grown with the series through its iterations. One YouTube commenter said, "'Iron Chef' used to be one of my favorite shows. Love to see they're still going." Meanwhile, another added, "I am so happy this show is back. I loved watching this as a kid." Ultimately, fans won't have to wait long for its return, as the show is slated to land on Netflix on June 15 (via TVLine).