You Can Order These Dishes From Masterchef Kelsey Murphy On Grubhub - Exclusive

Ever wondered what it would be like to judge a food competition show like "MasterChef?" Even just for the chance to get to taste what all these hopeful contestants have to offer — after all, they were selected to compete in front of the likes of Gordon Ramsay. Well, wonder no more, because now you can get a taste with MasterChef Table. The virtual restaurant is available to order for delivery in select markets directly through Grubhub. 

The menu offers up elevated takes on American classics, all uniquely designed by several past winners and fan favorites from the show. That includes chef Kelsey Murphy, the winner of season 11 of "MasterChef: Legends." Murphy created menu items based on some of her favorite comfort foods, and told Mashed in a recent exclusive interview, "Then I just put my spin on it to elevate it a little bit more, so people can really kind of taste my flavors and things that I would be actually making out of my kitchen."

If your taste buds are curious, you're in luck. In the interview, Murphy shared all the mouthwatering details about the dishes she created for the MasterChef Table menu. And if you find yourself hungry by the time you finish reading this, the good news is you might soon be able to order her tasty bites right to your door.

Kelsey Murphy is dishing up fried chicken with a side of creamy corn

If you love dolled up chicken sandwiches and the refreshing side dishes that accompany them, then you're in for a treat if you check out the MasterChef Table menu on Grubhub, which includes Kelsey Murphy's expertly crafted offerings. "I have two dishes on the menu," she told Mashed. "My first is a maple bacon chicken sandwich." Though delightful in their own right, this is not your average crispy fried chicken sandwich. "It has maple syrup and cayenne pepper on it ... we drizzle a hot honey all over it ... and there's a creamy jalapeno coleslaw with a spicy mayo," added Murphy. This is the kind of sandwich that will kind of overwhelm your mouth and your hands, she added. "I purposely told them the spicy mayo needs to be dripping off of it" to become "the chicken sandwich of all chicken sandwiches," as the chef put it.

To complete the meal, Murphy is also serving up "elotes-style corn." A twist on the classic Mexican dish, Murphy's take is "mixed with creamy mayo, lime zest, cayenne pepper, red onion, cilantro," and then for an added bonus, "five nice big skewered shrimp over the top." Murphy described the dish as "fresh, but also really satisfying." Put it all together, add in a season full of backyard barbecues and sun-soaked picnics, and said Murphy, "Coming into the summer months, it's going to be the perfect dish to order."

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