Alex Guarnaschelli Just Weighed In On The Infamous Hot Dog Debate

Though largely a debate over semantics more than anything else, the question of whether hot dog are considered sandwiches is up there as far as one of the most contentious topics of our time. For what feels like decades, both everyday folks and food journalists at First We Feast have flooded the internet with their opinions on the matter ad nauseam, explaining their stances through memes, think piecesalignment charts, and good old-fashioned comments section debate on Reddit.

Even celebrity chefs have weighed in on the matter. Anthony Bourdain said that neither hot dogs nor hamburgers should fall under the sandwich umbrella, and that anyone who orders a "hot dog sandwich" should be reported to the FBI. Alton Brown, meanwhile, infamously changed his opinion on the issue, first calling a hot dog a taco, then shifting gears a few years later by saying it's "sure as s—-" a sandwich (via Twitter). 

And now, thanks to Iron Chef Michael Symon, who decided today was the right day to rattle off his food opinions on Twitter, we know where his cohort, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli stands on the issue. Following a back-and-forth discussion with his followers about the other food question everyone is tired of answering — whether pineapple belong on pizza – Symon concluded an anti-pineapple argument by tweeting, "And a hot dog is a sandwich!" a declaration that caught the attention of his fellow "Iron Chef." 

Alex Guarnaschelli agrees with Michael Symon that a hot dog is a sandwich

If there was any doubt as to what side Alex Guarnaschelli was on in the hot dog controversy, the chef made her opinion loud and clear today. Reposting Symon's declaration to her own Twitter feed, the chef added in an emphatic all caps, "PREACH IT MICHAEL." To most Twitter users, this proclamation might seem out-of-nowhere. But Guarnaschelli fans know the formidable figure, who has called a snappy hot dog with spicy mustard "one of life's great things," has a history of vocalizing her frank opinions on frankfurters. For instance, the New York Native has declared a staunch no ketchup rule, instead opting for mustard and sauerkraut.

And today's tweet is far from the first time she has weighed in on the infamous debate. When a Twitter user asked people to "start a fight without politics" she brought up her opinion on the issue again. And in 2021, when Food Network polled its followers to choose PB&J vs Grilled Cheese as the "superior sandwich," the chef doubled down on her stance, responding with "hot dog" as a write-in answer. 

Fast forward to today, and it's evident Guarnaschelli still feels passionate about the subject and likely isn't changing her mind anytime soon. Thankfully, whether or not you agree with her take that it is a sandwich, it can't stop you from enjoying her "Iron Chef" recipe on Food Network