The New Yorker Who's Being Called A 'Hero' After Ridding A Bar Of An Unwanted Guest

When you think of an unwanted visitor at a bar, you probably assume it's a person who was overserved and caused a commotion, but this bar patron was a bit furrier and most likely not of age. This story about an animal sneaking into a bar in Brooklyn is not the first of its kind, apparently, instances like this one happen all over the world. In New Zealand, a pair of penguins repeatedly broke into a sushi restaurant (via CNN). The report stated that the animals were seeking shelter or trying to nest there, but we think they discovered that instead of hunting for fish, breaking into a restaurant is a much more efficient way to go.

In Istanbul, Turkey a pair of travelers sat down at an ice cream shop to discover that a stray cat was sleeping in the chair next to them (via Reddit). Instead of kicking out the cute, sleeping creature, an employee of the shop simply moved the cat to another table so it would not disturb the guests and vice versa. Letting sleeping cats lie makes sense in that situation, but in the case of this bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, an unexpected, sneaky patron had to be removed.

This Alaskan native did not hesitate to remove an opossum from the bar

When an opossum snuck into Tempkin's Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, most patrons may have brushed it off as an extra large rat, but Sara Fulton immediately sprang into action (via Today). Fulton was outside with friends when the furry menace waltzed into the bar. She told Today that her instincts from her Alaskan upbringing kicked in and led her to confront the intruder. While other people may have just shooed away the opossum, Fulton proceeded to pick it up by the scruff and carry it out of the bar. The whole exchange was caught on video, showing the whole bar cheering her on as Fulton carried the opossum safely outside, where it scurried off to possibly find a new watering hole to infiltrate.

Once the uninvited guest was gone, the bar erupted in celebration and bought the hero of the night several rounds. "They're like, 'You're a hero, you're a celebrity.' I'm like, 'What? No,'" Fulton told NBC New York. "For me, it's just a wild animal. But I have to realize I'm not in Alaska, and that's not something you see every day." We may never know why the opossum entered the bar in the first place, but one Twitter user has a solid answer. "Probably went through a bad breakup and wanted to drown its sorrows," they replied to a video of the incident.