27% Think This Is The Best Side Dish At Ruth's Chris Steak House

There are a lot of ways to cook the perfect steak, but if you're prepping a steakhouse-inspired dinner, there's a lot more to it than just the meat. For a balanced and well-rounded meal, you'll want to pair the beef with some side dishes. The best side dishes for steak include mainstays like salad, potatoes, and beans — all easy to prepare at home. But if you're looking for the taste of a classic steak dinner without the work, one option is to head to a chain restaurant like Ruth's Chris Steak House.

If you're eating at a steakhouse, it's likely that anything beef-based is a solid choice. The restaurant's steaks are delicious for all sorts of reasons, like its special broiling process, which likely guarantees that most of its customers dine on filet, ribeye, or New York strip. When it comes to side dishes, though, it can be harder to make a decision.

We surveyed 553 people in the United States and asked them what they thought was the best side dish at Ruth's Chris Steak House. The poll options given included garlic mashed potatoes, potatoes au gratin, truffle lobster mac & cheese, cremini mushrooms, roasted brussels sprouts, and grilled asparagus. Here's which side was the fan favorite in the close contest.

Customers think the best side is garlic mashed potatoes

Since potatoes are a common side dish for steak, it's no surprise that the side with the most votes is potato-based. The two potato options in the poll included garlic mashed potatoes and potatoes au gratin, but with 27.31% of the votes, the garlic mashed potatoes came out on top. An employee at Ruth's Chris Steak House answered questions on Reddit and said that the store's mashed potatoes were one of the most popular sides and a best-selling item. While we don't know the chain's exact recipe for the mashed potatoes, the chain's menu explains that it has "hints of roasted garlic."

If you prefer cheese to garlic you might enjoy the side dish with the second most votes, which was the truffle lobster mac & cheese. 25.50% of survey respondents said that this mac & cheese was the best side dish. Potatoes au gratin received 17% of the votes for best side dish, and this was followed by grilled asparagus, which got 11.03% of the votes from survey respondents. Roasted brussels sprouts only got 9.95% of the votes, and cremini mushrooms came in last place with 9.22% of people saying this was the best side. Personally, we enjoyed the cremini mushrooms in our verdict of the best and worst side dishes at Ruth's Chris Steak House, so it's all up to your personal preference.