How You Should Be Trimming Brussels Sprouts

Who doesn't love a solid roasted vegetable medley? This medley type is delicious when it includes tender yet crispy Brussels sprouts. We all know these flavor bombs have nutritional benefits, such as being high in fiber and vitamin C (via Health), but there are extra steps we can take to bring them to the next level before consumption. Before tossing together your next sheet pan of goods, you might consider how you prepare your vegetables before they debut on your dining table. 

While cutting your sprouts evenly to size and not crowding pans are essential tips, there are also recommended ways to wash and store your Brussels sprouts to ensure optimal freshness (via The Kitchn). Brussels sprouts can be especially tricky since they are members of the cabbage family and have several layers of leaves. Before storing, peel and discard any yellowed leaves to maintain freshness. When it comes to cooking, you want to make sure your sprouts are cut and prepared correctly to achieve that crispy yet tender texture every time.

The right way to prepare Brussels sprouts

So, how do you know if you are paring your Brussels sprouts correctly before cooking? It all comes down to trimming and peeling. According to Fine Cooking, you should begin by cutting off a thin base of each sprout. Many of the outer leaves will fall off if you cut too much, so make sure you are cutting them with care. Once the thin layer is removed, peel the outer leaves until the sprouts look shiny and new and show zero sign of damage or insects within the remaining leaves. 

If you are keeping the sprouts whole, mark an X with a sharp knife on the bottom of each one to ensure even cooking throughout the sprout layers. Eating Well says that as long as you are aware of the common mistakes when it comes to preparing and cooking Brussels sprouts, you're all set. After trimming, wash and dry accordingly and move on to the fun parts of cooking and eating these small, robust orbs.

Brussels sprouts recipes everyone should try

Now that you know how to prep your sprouts, it's time to start cooking! If you're new to preparing Brussels sprouts, try an easy no-fuss recipe like Ina Garten's classic roasting method. If you're feeling more adventurous, try Brussels sprouts mixed with bacon, as they tend to make a dynamic pair, according to food lovers. In truth, bacon has taken over the Brussels sprout game in the last decade. Regardless of how you decide to cook your sprouts, with or without bacon, The Atlantic claims that there are endless options for eating. While roasting and pan-frying are common, Brussels sprouts are also used in various salads where the sprout layers are shredded to make a lettuce-like mixture.

If you feel confident in your cooking skills, you may want to level up and consider an air fryer when roasting your Brussels sprouts. While owning an air fryer may seem complicated, it's an appliance you should own to ensure crispy, perfectly cooked sprouts every time, per Bon Appétit. However, no matter how you cook your Brussels sprouts, make sure you follow the trimming tips above so you can prepare them as effectively as possible!