One Thing Nyesha Arrington Always Keeps In Her Travel Bag

Nyesha Arrington is quite the traveler — whether it's exploring through the dishes she creates or the physical places she visits. Arrington grew up in Southern California, where she was exposed to a variety of different cuisines and dishes, including bulgogi and homemade kimchi, according to Bravo. Arrington has spoken about the importance of exploring the cuisines of other cultures before. She's shared early memories of her grandmother, Aisoon, making her original "Aisoon sauce," which is essentially a combination of Gochujang and other ingredients (via Clean Eating Magazine).

And there's no better way to explore the many flavors that the world has to offer than traveling. The celebrity chef has sampled dim sum in Hong Kong and has done taco consulting in Maui (via Eater). In addition, Arrington got back from an organized "Culinary & Cultural Adventure" in Morocco in May 2022, which "Top Chef" fans had the opportunity to sign up for through Modern Adventure. But while she is hopping from destination to destination and plane to plane, Arrington always keeps this item in her travel bag to keep her refreshed.

Arrington travels with cucumber wipes in her bag

For Nyesha Arrington, cucumber wipes are essential every time she travels, according to The Select 7. She told the outlet, "I always travel with makeup remover wipes because they're disposable and more comfortable to carry than a bottle of face wash. The cucumber scent leaves me feeling refreshed and clean."

Cucumbers have great hydrating properties, due to the fact that they are 96% water (via The Daily Mail). Therefore, it's no surprise that they are featured in so many skincare products, in addition to the fact that they contain vitamin C and caffeic acid, which both have numerous benefits on the skin, according to dermatologist Amy Wechsler. Arrington specifically enjoys the Yes to Cucumbers wipes, but as stated before, any type of cucumber product can provide a nice, soothing effect on the face. Furthermore, there are plenty of DIY recipes for cucumber cleansing wipes online.