Cheese Lovers Are So Grateful For Trader Joe's Returning Gouda Variety

It is almost summer, and for many people, that means celebrating the return of sunshine, longer days, and fun activities like boating, barbecuing, and going to the beach. But for Trader Joe's fans, the warm weather also means the return of some of the brand's delicious seasonal cheeses, and the store did not disappoint this spring. Trader Joe's recently brought back its Green Goddess Gouda cheese just in time for summer vacation, and fans can't seem to get enough.

Traditional Gouda cheese has a rich, slightly tangy flavor, with hints of caramel and a little bit of nuttiness, according to Wisconsin Cheese. But this seasonal gouda isn't like the other cheeses on the market. The creamy cheese is seasoned with colorful parsley, dried basil, chives, scallions, and garlic powder, as well as avocado oil, olive oil, and a dash of lemon juice, according to What's Good at Trader Joe's. This flavorful cheese has received its fair share of positive reviews online, and its recent return to Trader Joe's shelves has sparked quite a bit of excitement among fans.

Trader Joe's fans have been raving about the Green Goddess Gouda cheese's return

Instagram user @traderjoeslist recently made a post alerting their followers to the Green Goddess Gouda's return, writing, "This cheese is one of my favorites ... It's so gouda! It's perfect on a sandwich, melted or used on a cheese board. The parsley, basil and garlic come together and create a pesto flavor that pairs perfect with the savory Gouda! " Many of their fellow cheese-lovers expressed their excitement over the new arrival in the comments section, which was peppered with heart-eye and celebration hands emojis.

"So glad this is back!!" celebrated one user. "I picked some up today. It was a nice surprise," another user agreed. "Just bought some today!! Can't wait to try," a third user replied, while another follower called the cheese "AMAZING." 

"Should have just called it Green GOUDdess. Seems like a missed opportunity," another joked. Others shared their personal favorite ways to incorporate this non-traditional cheese into different recipes, including mac and cheese, grilled cheese with sourdough bread, and even as a pizza topping. "I'd love to try this with roasted eggplant!" someone even suggested. But whether they are adding it to their favorite dish or simply enjoying it by itself, it seems fans couldn't be happier about the return of this rich, flavorful cheese.