How GBBO Winner Giuseppe Dell'Anno Got To Eat With Royalty

Fans of "The Great British Bake Off" who also devotedly follow the British royal family were in for a treat over the weekend. That treat was served during the Jubille Lunch event that was part of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. The event, which celebrated the Queen's 70th year as the reigning monarch of the U.K., took place at The Oval cricket ground in London on June 5th (via Bristol Live). Not only were members of the actual royal family in attendance but so were some GBBO stars that might feel like culinary royalty in the hearts of foodies.

More than one former "Bake-Off" contestant attended the Big Jubilee Lunch, including Selasi Gbormittah, Alice Fevronia, and Crystelle Pereira, all of whom appeared alongside Season 12's GBBO winner Giuseppe Dell'Anno in a picture that was posted on Dell'Anno's Instagram account "It's funny how you meet somebody for the first time but it feels like you've known them for ages," shared the champ in his caption. His next Instagram post was even more exciting — Dell'Anno and some of his co-stars were sitting at a table with literal royalty, Prince Charles himself.

What did Dell'Anno and Prince Charles talk about?

It just so happens that Giuseppe Dell'Anno has been working with Eden Project Communities, a group that does "Big Lunches" where communities come together to share food and more. The Big Jubilee Lunch was part of that campaign, and Dell'Anno was among the prominent names who contributed recipes for the event (via Twitter). He even appeared on camera to convince Brits to bake for the festivities.

When faced with chatting up Prince Charles, Dell'Anno, who describes himself as a "Proud Britalian" on his Instagram profile, apparently fell back on a topic he's extremely comfortable discussing. "We spoke about Italian cuisine of course. What else? I have no other subject of conversation," he said on Twitter. Over on Instagram, user @plummoore99 wondered, "Was he a nice guy?" Dell'Anno said, "He's a professional. Made us all feel very much at ease. He was charming and lovable."

Alice Fevronia, who was a GBBO finalist in 2019, confirmed that Italian food was indeed a topic of conversation at the table. In her own Instagram post, Fevronia shared that "Prince Charles's fav[o]rite cuisine is Italian, he has heard of Bake Off, and he's a fan of cake." The queen's celebration may have wound down, but now that Dell'Anno's a GBBO winner, he might need to get used to brushing elbows with royalty on occasion. It's a good thing that at least one royal family member seems to be a big fan of Italian food.