The Returning Snack That Has Trader Joe's Shoppers Cheering

If you're planning to barbecue this summer, you'll probably need a few essentials. A few cuts of your favorite meat; some mouthwatering grilled veggies like portobellos, asparagus, or summer squash; fluffy buns; and maybe your favorite condiments. But there is one other ingredient that can take your grilling experience from good to great: The perfect pickle. There's just nothing quite like that satisfying crunch of a pickle to go along with a savory burger fresh from the grill. If you're a Trader Joe's fan, you may be excited to learn that the chain has just brought its popular spicy kosher dill pickles back to store shelves for the summer season.

Trader Joe's spicy kosher dill pickles deliver the satisfyingly tangy crunch you would expect from a kosher pickle, but with an extra kick of flavor and heat. According to Trader Joe's website, these Bulgiarian-imported gherkins are pickled and then brined in a spicy blend of garlic, allspice, black pepper, bay leaves, and mustard and coriander seeds. For the final touch, hot Pfefferoni Chili Peppers are added to the mix to give these pickles a spicy, salty, and all around satisfying flavor.

Trader Joe's pickles received rave reviews online

These Spicy Kosher Dill Pickles are selling at Trader Joe's now for just $2.99 for over one pound of these gherkins, and shoppers can't seem to get enough of this spicy, crunchy snack. TJ's fan account @traderjoeslist couldn't help but sing the praises of this snack's return on social media. "These savory spicy pickles are packed with the crunch you crave in a pickle. They pair perfectly with those sunny summer bbq days or when you want a salty, spicy, crunchy refreshing snack," they posted on Instagram, and many of their followers were quick to agree with this positive review. 

"Omg these are the BEST. I literally look for them every time I shop, just hoping. I will be stopping in today to see if my store has them!" @alindgren65 raved, while @kingappolo celebrated "HOT PICKLE STANS PLEASE RISE!!! WE'VE WON."

This isn't the first time a popular pickle has turned heads at Trader Joe's. The brand's Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips received equally rave reviews online when they hit store shelves last summer. "So sweet, so spicy, so perfectly thin for the perfect bite," @wowens444 raved on Instagram, while another user called them "Literally the best pickles I've ever had." So it seems that no matter if you like your pickles sweet, spicy, salty, or somewhere in between, Trader Joe's has something that will satisfy your craving.