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A New Pringles Flavor Was Announced, But There's A Catch

Once you pop, the fun don't stop. Or does it? According to Mental Floss, 29 flavors of Pringles are sold in the United States, along with those offered on a rotating, limited-time basis. But there are dozens of other flavors that customers can pick up only on grocery store shelves in other countries — more than 100 of them by 2012, when the brand was sold by Procter & Gamble to Kellogg Co for $2.71 billion (via Reuters). These range from the regionally specific (Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing, Jamon Serrano) to the downright unusual (lookin' at you, Mayonnaise Potato, Eggs Benedict, and Blueberry Hazelnut). Some flavors that are available only overseas would presumably be popular in the United States (Explosive Chili, for instance) or even in Maryland, specifically (Crab with Old Bay seasoning) (via Delish).

According to Reader's Digest, some of the most popular classic Pringles flavors in the U.S. include BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Dill Pickle, and Cheddar Cheese. The company has continued introducing new ones, though, most of which are developed and tested in the company's lab in Battle Creek, Michigan, before being rolled out to seven factories around the world for mass production. There is, though, an important caveat to note, especially for fans of the snack food: They're called crisps, not chips (via Thrillist). Nevertheless, its latest flavor, Wavy Chipotle Ranch is here, but it's availability is limited.

Where can customers pick up a can of Wavy Chipotle Ranch Pringles?

Pringles took to Twitter on June 7 to announce its much anticipated new flavor, Wavy Chipotle Ranch, but there is a catch: Fans can only pick up a can of the crisps at Walgreens stores — and only for a limited time. "What happens," Kellogg's asks, "when a cool & creamy favorite combines with a smoky & spicy kick? You get Pringles Wavy Chipotle Ranch, that's what happens." What also happens, according to the photo on the new can, is the classic Pringles shape gets an upgrade — something resembling a hybrid of the brand's duckbill-shaped crisps and the wavy Ruffles Ridges potato chips. Of course, this isn't the first Wavy flavor Pringles has introduced. Its Wavy Fire Roasted Jalapeno variety has been out for some time now, for instance.

Compared to traditional potato chips, each Pringle is more or less uniform in shape and texture. This is partly a consequence of the can's cylindrical design, which was a deliberate move to prevent broken bits from collecting at the bottom of the package. More than that, however, the snack's consistency crisp-to-crisp is a product of the way in which they are manufactured. Pringles start in their powdered form before being mixed with oil, water, and other proprietary ingredients to form a paste (via Spoon University). The paste is then punched out by a machine into a flat, oval shape: the instantly recognizable Pringles duckbill. For the chance to try Pringles as you've never seen them before, head to Walgreens before it's too late!