TikTok Is Divided Over A Repeat DoorDash Order

TikTok has quickly become a part of many people's daily lives, either because they spend time browsing the app or because they post themselves. As with any social media platform, it's possible to go viral, but not every TikTok attracts overwhelmingly positive attention. Any viral TikTok can attract controversy, and that's what happened when the TikTok account RogerSmith15 posted a TikTok about working as a DoorDash driver.

The TikTok in question is only seven seconds long, but it made a significant impact on the platform's users, garnering more than 132,000 views since it was posted on April 27. There are also more than 1,700 comments on the post — clearly, it struck a nerve.

While the clip is fairly short, it's attracted plenty of attention that has left its comment section divided as TikTokers wonder whether or not this video was truthful or an attempt to get views from peoples' sympathy.

What's the real issue?

RogerSmith15's TikTok video shows a car trunk filled with bags of Special K Red Berries cereal — and nothing else. The text on the clip reads, "very old lady ordered 24 boxes of cereal because it's all she could afford. Every meal every day."

Of the two camps in the comments, those who consider the video to not be entirely truthful seem to have the majority. Many of the video's critics pointed out that cereal tends to be substantially more expensive than pantry staples such as eggs, oatmeal, or canned tuna. Some commenters kept their statements short and sweet, such as the TikTok account Buckaroo, who simply said "Well ... she lied, so." Others criticized RogerSmith15 for posting the video at all.

But the TikTokers on the other side raised several valid points that went beyond the cereal at hand. Some sympathizers shared feelings of sorrow or heartbreak over the situation, while others pointed out that the price of the product might not be the only issue at play. And some people suggested that physical difficulties might make the cereal more appealing, as it's easy to chew and swallow and requires little to no preparation. Others, including the TikTok account Jeanine, suggested contacting a social worker to check in on the elderly woman, which RogerSmith15 confirmed he did in a separate reply in the comments section.