Twitter Is Begging Waffle House For A Location In This City

The fact that Waffle House is so cheap isn't the only reason for its cult status. The melt-in-your-mouth hash browns and rich pecan sprinkled waffles have also helped to make it one of the most widely adored restaurant chains in the U.S.

Since its humble beginnings in 1950s Georgia, Waffle House has seemingly succeeded in branding itself as an all-star breakfast experience (via Waffle House). The chain has such a reputation for its reliable and quick service that it actually has a disaster index named after it — a Waffle House operating normally signifies minimal damage, a limited menu indicates significant damage, and if the restaurant is shut down the situation is severe. The system is used to determine how badly a community has been affected by a natural disaster (USA Today).

Considering its reputation, you might assume that there was a Waffle House in every state and major city in America, but check the chain's location finder and you'll discover that there are many cities and even entire states that find themselves Waffle Houseless. However, there's one city in particular that has fans on Twitter advocating to finally get a Waffle House location.

A Twitter account dreams of Waffle House in Chicago

Twitter users love to voice complaints, and a search for "put a Waffle House in" on the app unveils a host of cries for Waffle Houses to be added to different states and cities across the nation. One Twitter account, @WHinChicago – also known as the ​Waffle House In Chicago Movement — is doing more than lamenting.

Created in August 2018, the account's bio describes its purpose as trying to get Waffle Houses set up in the windy city, includes the hashtag of the movement #WaffleHouseInChicago, and notes its location as "215 Miles away from a WH." WHinChicago's pinned Tweet urges its followers to ask the company to build Chicago and Northern Illinois locations in a linked official Waffle House survey. The account posts original tweets – a recent one being "it's crazy that multiple people tweet almost every day about wanting Waffle House in Chicagoland and Waffle House still isn't here" — and also retweets content that further supports the cause, like a tweet proclaiming, "Chicago is too generous...we gave other states Harold's & Garett's but we STILL don't have a Waffle House." While Waffle House has yet to announce any plans to open a location in Chicago, WHinChicago has 719 followers supporting its mission and so there still seems to be some hope left for the ​Waffle House In Chicago Movement.