This Is How Much Frankie Celenza Is Worth

Frankie Celenza is a well-known chef and host of his own cooking show, "Struggle Meals." According to Facts Buddy, he also worked with NYCLife as the host of "Frankie Cooks." Before that, he hosted cooking demonstrations on his YouTube channel, according to Celeb Net Worth Info. Celenza was born in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City on July 14, 1990, where he still resides today.

Because of his family's Italian origins, Celenza spent his childhood summers preparing fresh meals in Italy. When he began college, he founded a cooking club to help students save money while learning to cook their own meals. His friends in the club eventually talked Celenza into filming his cooking demonstrations.

Today, he boasts three Emmy awards and uses his platform on "Struggle Meals" to teach those who may not otherwise cook how to prepare affordable, tasty dishes. According to Tastemade, Celenza's main objective is to get people cooking.

Frankie Celenza's success

Frankie Celenza's approximate net worth stands between $100,000 and $1 million, according to Celeb Net Worth Info. All Famous Birthday, however, shoots a bit higher in their prediction at $1.5 million. A majority of Celenza's success comes from the Tastemade show "Struggle Meals," which saw a 40% boost in views in March of 2020, according to Fast Company. At the time, the show already had 1 million viewers per week.

The CEO of Tastemade, Larry Fitzgibbon, knew that the pandemic was causing a time of great need for the show. "We really wanted to talk to our community during this time because, obviously, it's a time of struggle. People in our community were needing to change their own personal behavior and think about things like, 'Oh, I've got leftovers — what do I do with these?' Or, 'Hey, I'm learning to do some new cooking techniques that I didn't know how to do before.' It was important for our community that we were there for them," Fitzgibbon said (via Fast Company).

With the rising costs of goods in America, "Struggle Meals" has been essential to cracking the code and helping families everywhere eat on a budget.