Coca-Cola's New Minute Maid Flavors Are The Definition Of Refreshing

Minute Maid has been a household name for over 75 years, dating back to World War II (via Minute Maid's official website). Florida Foods Corporation, the company that eventually became Minute Maid, was tasked with sending 500,000 pounds of powdered orange juice to U.S. soldiers in 1945, but the war ended before it got to them. One year later, Florida Foods Corporation rebranded to Vacuum Foods Corporation and became the first company to ship "frozen concentrated orange juice" in the U.S.

The concentrate has a longer shelf life than fresh OJ, which is great for the consumer financially and allows them to enjoy the popular beverage outside of the fruit's peak season. Although Minute Maid, now owned by Coca-Cola, still sells frozen juice concentrates, the company has expanded to sell juice boxes, popsicles, and low-sugar options (via Minute Maid's official website). Those who enjoy crushing an ice-cold Minute Maid lemonade on a hot summer day will be excited to hear about the newest product from the juice giant, which may be even more refreshing.

Minute Maid's Aguas Frescas are now available in three fruity flavors

Coca-Cola's newest Minute Maid product is inspired by a popular fruity and refreshing beverage in Latin America: aguas frescas. According to The Austin Chronicle, the Aztecs first made aguas frescas as early as the 15th century when they were traveling back and forth to Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City. The flavors of these muddled beverages depend on the produce that is currently in season, and seeds or grains can also be added. A few popular aguas frescas flavors are based on refreshing summer fruits, like "melón (cantaloupe), sandiá (watermelon), and piña (pineapple)," per New Mexico Magazine.

Minute Maid played off of these flavors to create aguas frescas-inspired beverages in three flavors: hibiscus, strawberry, and mango (via Minute Maid's official website). The non-carbonated beverages are available in 16-ounce cans and are made with "real fruits juices and natural flavors" (via The Coca-Cola Company). These refreshing fruity drinks were made with Gen Z's taste and culture in mind. The slogan "refreshing AF" plays off of the name aguas frescas and a common slang acronym (via Coca-Cola). 

There's a chance that Gen Z will find this marketing tactic cheugy, but if not, we will surely see Minute Maid Aguas Frescas taste tests all over TikTok. After all, Coke isn't going to be the only thing folks are sipping on this summer!