TikTok's Hack For Making Frozen Grapes Is Genius

Before you think twice about eating grapes in favor of that bowl of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, we have an icy hack for you. Frozen grapes are not a new thing. In fact, the concept of freezing grapes and then enjoying them as a cool snack on a hot day or popping them into a drink to cool them down has been around for a while. Per NPR, when the outlet asked listeners how they beat the heat during warmer months, frozen grapes were a common suggestion. One individual offered, "You use them as ice cubes, or you say you pop them in your mouth just like tiny slushies." In fact, cut-up frozen grapes in a mesher are also a parent's secret weapon for soothing an unhappy, teething baby (per PopSugar). 

Frozen grapes can make for an amazing treat. What is it about freezing this fruit that makes it so delicious? According to Practical Cooks, sweet grapes actually become sweeter as they freeze because, as the food site explains, the sugar crystallizes and intensifies that sweetness. Well, leave it to TikTok to give us yet another genius way to enjoy frozen grapes and even up the sweet taste of this healthy snacking option. And what we love about this hack is it only requires one additional ingredient besides your grapes, and you probably have a box or two hidden on a pantry shelf.

Jell-O is a game changer

TikTok user BayBradyy took to the platform back in June 2021 to reveal a grape freezing hack that she says, "Will change your life," and as these summer months heat up, it might be worth checking out. In a video that has received over 691k likes and 5.7 million views, the social media influencer shared that if you place washed grapes — no need for drying — in a Ziploc bag and then pour your favorite flavor of Jell-O mix into the bag, shake to coat, and freeze, you will have a cool, healthy, sweet treat to nosh on while you're sitting poolside or in a hammock enjoying your beach read. Yum and super easy!

Of course, social media's reaction to this hack says everything. One of the TikToker's fans wrote, "I have done this for years but I use kool-Aid." And another suggested, "Do it with sliced apples!!" Even Twitter is all in for this frozen grape and Jell-O hack. One tweeter quipped, "We tried the frozen Ziploc bag of grapes covered in strawberry jello powder thing and let me tell you IT IS SO GOOD." While another from the Twitterverse shared, "Made some more Jello frozen grapes! These ones are cherry and taste like cherry popsicles."