Did A Pepsi Tweet Reveal The Blue Beverage's Return?

"Hi, this is Britney Spears, wishing you a happy Pepsi Blue Christmas," begins a commercial for the soda brand's cult-favorite berry flavor. The pop star's 2002 endorsement of the product, which coincidentally came out the same year as the Kate Bosworth vehicle "Blue Crush," perfectly encapsulates the Y2K nostalgia that continues to dominate Zoomer fashion trends.

After Pepsi Blue was discontinued in 2004 following backlash over its contentious main ingredient — the coloring agent Blue 1 — the soda appeared to be out of commission for good (via Business Insider). Needless to say, Pepsi fans were so excited when the ultramarine-hued soft drink made its triumphant return last May. Pepsi shared the announcement on Twitter, pairing the reveal with the chorus of Eiffel 65's 1998 hit "Blue" ("da ba dee da ba di"). Fans who were hooked on the blue back in 2002 could hardly contain their excitement. "IT'S BACK! OMG! I NEED SOME ASAP! WHERE IS PEPSI BLUE? WHEN IS PEPSI BLUE?" reads a particularly feverish Twitter comment. 

Sadly, the flavor's highly anticipated return was only a limited-time deal, so some Pepsi fans may have missed out. Lucky for them, Pepsi Blue may be rising like a phoenix from the ashes once more. The brand took to Twitter today to drop the hint. 

'Pepsi blue will ALWAYS be in style'

"Fashion trends come and go, but Pepsi blue will ALWAYS be in style," reads Pepsi's June 10 tweet. It would be a very naughty move for the brand to simply express its appreciation of the berry flavor without actually issuing its return, so we assume the tweet means Pepsi Blue is poised for a comeback. 

Fans are definitely excited in the comments, but several people used the thread to ask the brand to bring back another elusive Pepsi product: Crystal Pepsi, which debuted in 1992 amid a clear beverage craze (via Thrillist). @CrystalPepsi, a Twitter account dedicated to bringing back the '90s flavor, wrote, "Where's Crystal Pepsi for 2022!!?" Another commenter seconded the query, writing, "I want my Crystal Pepsi back please." The clear flavor and the blue flavor seem to share equal footing in the nostalgia camp, so maybe a double-headed return is in the cards.