The Time Rachael Ray Appeared On A Reality Show

Chances are, if you're ever chatting with a stranger on the street or a new colleague at work, and you bring up Rachael Ray, most people will know who she is. Ray has basically formed an entire empire around her common knowledge regarding food and the different ways to prepare it. Not only that, but her lack of culinary training is one of the many reasons she has been able to climb to the top of the ladder in terms of food popularity. Her success story speaks to many since it entails her journey from the bottom and how she has worked her way up successfully in the culinary world (via ABC News).

The celebrity chef has been able to reach many people through the big screen and by way of her cookbooks, through her general likability and strength in being able to connect to so many people through conversations (per Forbes). She is doing exactly what she has always dreamed of and people can relate to her positivity.

Since high school, Ray has taken many different jobs in the food world as a way of understanding all aspects of the business before becoming her own boss and cultivating an outstanding career. Of the many jobs and debuts she has made over the years, you may be shocked to discover she appeared as a guest on a reality TV show.

Rachael Ray's reality TV stint

Rachael Ray has cultivated an enormous amount of success through "The Rachael Ray Show" but you may not have known that she made an appearance on the CBS hit show "I Get That A Lot." which aired 6 episodes from 2009-2015. The show's premise centered around various celebrities standing in for different everyday jobs to see if people recognized the stars. The show became popular based on the customer's reactions when they realized who the celebrities were on camera.

According to POPSUGAR., the celebrity chef pretended to be a dry cleaning attendant and the woman who comes to pick up her clothes has a hard time deciding if the clerk is just an employee or actually Rachael Ray herself. Per The Hollywood Reporter, "I Get That A Lot" reached over eight million viewers during the first two episodes and along with Ray, featured celebrities such Heidi Klum, Gene Simmons, and Snoop Dogg. Whether on a Reality TV show or one of her many successful Food Network shows, the TV personality has a charismatic way of drawing in viewers from around the globe.